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Name: huion dreamer contest




Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

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Created at: 2024-06-18T18:33:50.554Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:16.997Z

Tags of content: sculpture, statue, monument, fantasy, magic, wizard, staff, crystal, stone, digitally lit, slight up angle, holding, solo, armor, 1boy, full body, male focus, shoulder armor, standing, helmet, holding staff, simple background, transparent background, pauldrons, gauntlets, white background, weapon, hood, full armor, character, grass, league of legends, pantheon, video game character, armored, dim, warm, aerial view, outdoors, flower, glowing, helm, animal, mammal, horse, yak, mount, creature, soft lighting, side view, no humans, horns, bag, animal focus, saddle, knight, sword, miniature, studio, diorama, artificial, threepoint lighting, 2, eyelevel, red cape, multiple boys, cape, breastplate, holding weapon, gradient background, grey background, robe, greaves, multiple others, red robe, polearm, sketch, character design, anime character, none, anime, manga, male, outfit, japanese clothing, 1 person, front, back, side, jewelry, earrings, japanese clothes, profile, multiple views, sandals, short hair, partially colored, green hair, scar, kimono, coat on shoulders, from side, reference sheet, scar across eye, traditional media, looking at viewer, roronoa zoro, game cover art, promotional material, action, adventure, open world, castle, ruins, forest, mountains, battlefield, sunset, sky, elden ring, fromsoftware, video game, playstation, dark souls, golden hour, dramatic, backlighting, volumetric lighting, warrior, rider, thirdperson, over the shoulder, holding sword, dragon, copyright name, ambiguous gender, from behind, 1other, fake horns, horned helmet, cloud, tree, riding, monster, scenery, mythical, doubleheaded, lightning, spotlight, wings, electricity, black background, claws, dragon wings, scales, multiple heads, character design sheet, indoors, one piece, swordsman, zoro, side profile, closeup, topknot, one eye closed, smile, open mouth, character name, katana, pectorals, scar on face, green coat, hand on own hip, scar on chest, pectoral cleavage, green kimono, single earring, white kimono, sash, sheathed, sideburns, concept art, solid background, monkey d. luffy, wano country arc, samurai, character sheet, model sheet, expressions, anime art, manga art, flat, even lighting, luffy (one piece), slight low angle for full body shot, straighton for portraits, black hair, hat, straw hat, closed eyes, unworn headwear, unworn hat, sheath, hat on back, black eyes, red kimono, ^_^, building exterior, human, clothing, plant, sunny, outdoor, japanese, street, city, town, architecture, natural lighting, daytime, one person, back to viewer, eye level, cherry blossoms, petals, east asian architecture, day, torii, blue sky, facing away, floral print, solo focus, blurry

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