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Name: gacha characters

Description: transparent character splashes


Tags: character design, splash art

Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

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Created at: 2024-06-28T02:02:47.776Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:24.182Z

Tags of content: woman, snake, tree, magic, forest, night, fantasy, witch, dark, purple, blue, white, glowing, mysterious, enchanting, dramatic, mystical, slightly low angle, 1girl, transparent background, hat, long hair, purple hair, dress, full body, holding, food, pink hair, jewelry, purple eyes, coin, looking at viewer, witch hat, cup, standing, breasts, high heels, apple, fruit, flower, official alternate costume, character, man, illustration, white hair, flowing hair, robe, ornate clothing, staff, magical, elegant, soft lighting, 1boy, male focus, solo, chinese clothes, tassel, hanfu, holding staff, white robe, long sleeves, shawl, bell, wide sleeves, very long hair, hair ornament, grey hair, forehead mark, beads, hagoromo, sash, smile, facial mark, coat, weapon, studio, fantasy art, digital art, character design, chinese fantasy, goddess, celestial, moon, stars, flowing fabric, soft, female, frontal, black hair, white dress, earrings, white background, closed mouth, hair bun, simple background, 1 person, holding shield, anime character design, fictional character, indoor, black background, studio shot, anime girl, animal ears, military uniform, thigh highs, tactical gear, shield, portrait, front lighting, eye level, thighhighs, black footwear, mouse ears, braid, black thighhighs, mouse girl, boots, tail, grey eyes, open coat, open clothes, mouse tail, thigh strap, shirt, gloves, black eyes, pouch, twin braids, shoes, skirt, green coat, hand on own chest, flag, indoors, horns, military, uniform, rifle, asian inspired, male, fictional, anime, cow horns, cow ears, pants, grey pants, white gloves, fingerless gloves, goggles, brown eyes, hand in pocket, jacket, cow tail, white shirt, cow boy, belt, goggles on head, flowers, traditional clothing, manga, japanese, kimono, supernatural, spirit, beautiful, ethereal glow, 1 female, slightly above, looking down, book, hair flower, sitting, red eyes, short hair, white flower, open book, hair between eyes, smoke, pink flower, white socks, blonde hair, mushroom, green eyes, pantyhose, white pantyhose, open mouth, frills, short sleeves, frilled dress, blue dress, apron, teacup, twintails, puffy sleeves, white apron, bow, puffy short sleeves, ribbon, hairband, large breasts, hair ribbon, hair bow, ahoge, low twintails, cleavage, detached sleeves, alice \(alice in wonderland\) \(cosplay\), black hairband, :d, black bow, choker, gun, tachi-e, corset, bloomers, bare shoulders, alice (alice in wonderland), person, none, manhua, chinese clothing, white outfit, crane, bird, swords, artificial, sword, torn clothes, holding weapon, holding sword, blood, cuts, injury, scar, black shirt, sleeveless, black robe, yellow eyes, gem, cape, animal, hand up, parted bangs, wings, action, smoky, battlefield, girl, demon, gothic, battle, warship, spotlight, backlighting, low angle, rigging, bat \(animal\), turret, black cape, garter straps, brown thighhighs, bat wings, thighs, concept art, video game art, digital background, fantasy character, female character, dark fantasy, sorceress, mage, detailed, dramatic lighting, full body portrait, purple flower, green jacket, long skirt, brown footwear, black dress, green hair, shorts, navel, side ponytail, multicolored hair, black coat, gradient hair, short shorts, midriff, black gloves, grey thighhighs, grey shorts, torn thighhighs, headphones, necktie, crop top, torn coat, buckle, legs apart, huge weapon, stomach, strapless, holding hammer, medium breasts, garden, nature, blonde, yellow, roses, doves, rabbits, squirrel, peaceful, serene, daylight, sunlight, bright, rabbit, butterfly, bug, pillar, low-tied long hair, yellow flower, grass, white rose, sky, column, yellow footwear, rose, cloud, deer, white butterfly, arch, outdoors, day, plant, dove, knees up, bush, cloak, chinese dress (qipao), fan, studio lighting, hand fan, folding fan, folded fan, fur trim, pale skin, socks, medium hair, holding fan, bracelet, bag, black socks, china dress, side slit, character illustration, clouds, video game, rpg, female warrior, powerful, spotlights, low angle view, red hair, single glove, black jacket, arm up, black choker, flower ornament, one eye closed, himeko (honkai: star rail), concert, performance, entertainment, stage, speakers, idol, music, pop, jpop, cute, pink, performance outfit, stage lighting, colorful, singer, microphone, pink skirt, blue eyes, holding microphone, pink bowtie, knee boots, bowtie, pink bow, speaker, red shirt, plaid shirt, stage lights, microphone stand, frilled skirt, miniskirt, collared shirt, plaid, one side up, aqua ribbon, standing on one leg, sparkle, pleated skirt, polka dot bow, aqua bow, swept bangs, holding microphone stand, blush, buttons, teeth, frilled shirt, v-shaped eyebrows, polka dot, red bow, minamoto sakura, church, ruins, stained glass, birds, nun, ethereal, barefoot, torn dress, habit, cross, own hands together, bare tree, veil, red flower, bare legs, nighttime, cherry blossom, stylized, graceful, whimsical, 1 woman, slightly below, cherry blossoms, petals, white thighhighs, full moon, purple dress, blue hair, floating, star \(symbol\), parted lips, sleeveless dress, drawing, mermaid, water, sea, ocean, elegance, side view, monster girl, fins, head fins, hydrokinesis, musical instrument, flute, butterflies, headdress, abstract, chinese inspired, instrument, holding instrument, brown hair, helmet, violin, playing instrument, stairs, theater, vintage, phonograph, glamorous, sophisticated, stylish, musical, warm, eyelevel, potted plant, white footwear, long dress, lamp, vase, drill hair, green gloves, green dress, chin strap, hat feather, elbow gloves, twin drills, hat flower, green footwear, orange bow, green headwear, red rose, test tube, pearl bracelet, skirt hold, belt pouch, hat bow, scarf, brown belt, watch, warrior, rocks, landscape, outdoor, blue and white, backlit, rock, planted sword, planted, black skirt, fire, streaked hair, sleeveless shirt, hairclip, asymmetrical legwear, white cape, angel, ornate, 1, toeless legwear, gatling gun, feathered wings, holding book, long blue hair, wedding dress, flower bouquet, celebration, joy, 1 girl, dynamic pose, bouquet, closed eyes, strapless dress, holding bouquet, bridal gauntlets, lyria (granblue fantasy), character concept art, long red hair, white thighs, bow and arrow, front view, card, playing card, kneehighs, red socks, between legs, hand between legs, animal ear fluff, cat ears, juliet sleeves, short dress, heart, armor, gauntlets, armored boots, floating weapon, floating object, leaf, digital illustration, spot light, dynamic, white coat, thigh boots, fairy, women, dragon, skeleton, monster, power, red cape, bone, black pants, on one knee, skull, virtual youtuber, skeleton print, squatting, red moon, red theme, ribs, ice, crystal, erune, spear, sheath, polearm, fur-trimmed coat, crossbow, dark background, long pink hair, fox ears, red and white outfit, spot lighting, frontal view, wolf ears, red skirt, pink eyes, high-waist skirt, black bra, underwear, bra, wolf girl, sandals, holding envelope, envelope, extra ears, video game character, sidelocks, braided bun

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