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Created by: b4 (@benzsui)

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Created at: 2024-07-03T14:30:06.808Z

Updated at: 2024-07-17T07:32:00.825Z

Tags of content: 1boy, abs, muscular, male focus, solo, muscular male, nude, soap bubbles, english text, bara, completely nude, on side, lying, pectorals, fake screenshot, navel, thighs, convenient censoring, colored skin, soap censor, pointy ears, subtitled, closed eyes, smile, snowflakes, upper body, parody, elf, short hair, thick eyebrows, screenshot, anime, sauna, cartoon, animation, vampire dies in no time, indoor, bright, 4 men, eyelevel, black hair, multiple boys, white hair, blue eyes, glasses, topless male, mask, 4boys, shirt, looking at another, yellow shirt, 3boys, indoors, nipples, closed mouth, มือ, แขน, แขน1, ตัว1, บ่า, drawing, illustration, anime boy, surprised, shocked, confused, embarrassed, flustered, sweating, orange hair, blue shirt, locker room, sports anime, manga, man, boy, male, closeup, sweatdrop, open mouth, t-shirt, 2boys, triangle mouth, red hair, short sleeves, grey hair, man in suit, n/a, suit, professional, close up, hand on shoulder, encouraging, soft, man wearing glasses, woman facing away, necktie, black necktie, formal, hand on another's shoulder, ponytail, collared shirt, upper teeth only, white shirt, jacket, sparkle, black eyes, teeth, หลัง1, แขนก, outdoors mountain sky nature grass, bright sunny daytime, low angle, outdoors, sky, day, cloud, blue sky, long sleeves, black pants, pants, black jacket, mountain, black suit, tree, nature, hair slicked back, fighting stance, คลุม, ปก, conversation, argument, cafe, simple, wooden, anime screenshot, 3 people, discussion, disagreement, artificial, woman with green hair and purple clothes, man with brown hair and white/red clothes, man with black hair and blue suit, green hair, 1girl, long hair, necklace, jewelry, table, own hands together, sitting, interlocked fingers, blue necktie, facial hair, robe, profile, own hands clasped, green eyes, bracelet, black robe, holding hands, ไท, หู, แว่น, ปาก, เป้า1, แร้ก, ขัด, room, business man, fantasy, concerned, worried, upset, angry, disappointed, serious, side view, anime coloring, belt, cloak, shirt grab, capelet, black belt, clothes grab, หลัง, ไหล่, หัว, เท้าก, fight, competition, tension, grassy field, forest, daytime, martial arts, barechested, action, natural lighting, sunny, two men, low angle shot, boots, standing, grass, brown footwear, artist name, เหล็ก, ขา1, ของ, eye level, wavy hair, blue hair, squatting, holding, vest, rock, cooking, outdoor, pot, soft lighting, อก, เป้าก, ขาก, character interaction, humor, fan service, female, blonde hair, shirtless, comedy, natural light, woman, anime characters, meme, shaded face, pink dress, dress, hair ornament, sunglasses, collarbone, hole in ground, subtitles, bubble, kneeling, คิ้ว, จมูก, thinking, sweat, adult, close-up, gloves, fingerless gloves, coat, pantyhose, black gloves, white footwear, ตัวก, หลังก, men, sleeves rolled up, bush, dress shirt, brown vest, wristwatch, watch, brown belt, hood, character, speaking, trees, dialogue, gesture, happy, natural, 1 (male), facing viewer, official style, แร้, arms up, white dress, cuffs, armpits, bound, sleeveless, bound wrists, parted lips, staff, sleeveless dress, blurry background, holding staff, red bow, bow, breast pocket, pink shirt, pocket, school uniform, sailor collar, bowtie, braid, red bowtie, white sailor collar, building, street, text, clothing, town, medieval, adventure, bag, house, backpack, from behind

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