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Name: The Umbrella Academy




Created by: Shannon (@shannon_hunt_art)

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Created at: 2024-07-04T00:58:39.135Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:25.724Z

Tags of content: woman, diner, table, counter, people, sitting, food, drink, window, indoor, pensive, waiting, urban, dim, natural light, artificial light, man, patrons, eyelevel, multiple boys, cup, black hair, hood, realistic, indoors, blurry, jacket, black jacket, long sleeves, short hair, solo focus, drinking glass, restaurant, holding, male focus, closed mouth, hoodie, blurry background, hood down, depth of field, standing, room, interior, house, study, suit, beard, thoughtful, lamp, vintage, eye level, 1boy, solo, necktie, facial hair, watch, pants, shirt, formal, black necktie, blonde hair, wristwatch, ring, desk lamp, collared shirt, vest, black vest, white shirt, window blinds, old, old man, sunlight, jewelry, black pants, bed, poster, television, series, entertainment, mystery, drama, netflix, the umbrella academy, season 2, artificial, group, 7 people, frontal, multiple girls, sunglasses, brown hair, glasses, long hair, sleeveless, orange shirt, parody, dark skin, looking at viewer, tv series, superheroes, action, team, danger, apocalypse, destroyed, rubble, debris, daytime, sunny, superhero team, dysfunctional family, superpowers, high contrast, shadows, bright sunlight, 4 men, 3 women, diverse ethnicity, serious expressions, high angle, looking down, car, motor vehicle, 6+boys, vehicle focus, aircraft, topless male, airplane, coat, muscular, military vehicle, 5boys, outdoors, shoes, science fiction, road, conversation, confrontation, tension, cluttered, antique shop or apothecary, dc comics, gotham, selina kyle, bruce wayne, catwoman, batman, lowkey, dramatic, single source, cool toned, adult female, young male, slightly offcenter, necklace, 1girl, looking at another, belt, 2boys, afro, midriff, bar \(place\), man in suit, notebook, train, commute, city life, subway, train car, business, professional, travel, transportation, contemplation, thinking, reading, bright, fluorescent, slightly low, train interior, bag, qr code, asian, skirt, business suit, suit jacket, holding book, black suit, tv, characters, umbrella academy, time travel, studio lighting, 2girls, gun, animification, 4boys, weapon, gloves, mask, photograph, elevator, tv show, low angle, photorealistic, mustache, buttons, upper body, holding weapon, polearm, spear, holding polearm, black eyes, promotional, group portrait, studio setting, simple background, season 3, comedy, artificial lighting, even lighting, highlights on faces, six people, four males and two females, young adults, straight on, bat \(animal\), knife, fingerless gloves, bodysuit, stubble, leather jacket, person, actor, headshot, serious, superhero, the flash, soft lighting, zipper, zipper pull tab, bar, looking, book, drinks, nighttime, suspense, discussion, planning, family, atmospheric, warm, spotlit, teenager, hat, alcohol, glass, tv show still, studio, dysfunctional, 6 people, 3 male, 3 female, diverse cast, barefoot, high heels, leather, boots, navel, scarf, sweater, party, mansion, hallway, ballroom, dancing, celebration, fun, friends, gathering, luxurious, elegant, happy, group of people, adults, men, women, crowd, walking, handgun, pillar, supernatural, grand room, eclectic decor, occult objects, siblings, magic, powers, investigation, candles, diverse ages, mostly standing, wide shot, slightly low angle, candle, chair, candlestand, robe, curtains, clock, bedroom, elliot page, vanya hargreeves, number seven, comic book adaptation, lowkey lighting, elliott page, denim, jeans, open book, open clothes, open jacket, looking to the side, instrument, adult, home, smiling, relaxed, casual, portrait, smile, photo background, dark-skinned male, grin, mature male, adaptation, art deco, futuristic, overhead, neon, four people, three men, one woman, 3boys, hands in pockets, black footwear, bald, celebratory, singing, living room, fireplace, stairs, music, togetherness, joy, 5 people, 3 adults, 2 children, microphone, open mouth, real life insert, pectorals, muscular male, bara, large pectorals, cigarette, tv series still, dark academia, power dynamic, moody, men and women, uniform, promotional image, ranked, order of power, group of adults and teenagers, yellow background, very short hair, pantyhose, torn clothes, blue jacket, black belt, graffiti, brick wall, blood, blood on face, blood on clothes, clenched hand, holding bag, black shirt, blue coat

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