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Name: Nagatoro




Created by: UrbaN_ (@urbans_)

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Created at: 2024-07-06T07:38:12.002Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:26.022Z

Tags of content: 1girl, solo, hair ornament, black hair, long hair, shirt, hairclip, dark-skinned female, brown eyes, dark skin, smile, looking at viewer, white shirt, open mouth, blush, :d, earclip, sketch, sleeves rolled up, fang, upper body, nail polish, collared shirt, nagatoro hayase, drawing, indoor or outdoor, natural, 1 person, closeup, one eye closed, scarf, white background, simple background, jacket, skin fang, plaid scarf, red scarf, ;d, school uniform, plaid, long sleeves, sleeves past wrists, blazer, claw pose, blue jacket, hands up, smirk, wink, school girl, anime, teasing, flirtation, school, anime girl, dark hair, playful expression, soft lighting, girl, eyelevel, tongue, tongue out, eyelid pull, akanbe, portrait, ;p, :p, window, watermark, illustration, manga, fist, fighting pose, action, energetic, female, front view, skirt, blue skirt, pleated skirt, clenched hand, short sleeves, 2d, digital, n/a, happy, smiling, mischievous, smug, soft, 1 girl, slight low angle, grin, cowboy shot, hand up, dress shirt, untucked shirt, teeth, arm behind back, asymmetrical bangs, breasts, jewelry, fingernails, ear piercing, indoors or outdoors, sailor uniform, red eyes, peace sign, victory hand, blushing, short skirt, studio lighting, blue background, v, hand on own hip, standing, contrapposto, small breasts, half-closed eye, couple, indoors, home, snow, bookshelf, winter, cozy, casual, romance, comedy, slice of life, relationship, warm, young man, young woman, 1boy, glasses, brown hair, red shirt, green shirt, curtains, short hair, collarbone, t-shirt, looking at another, evening, black-framed eyewear, sweatdrop, monochrome, greyscale, sitting, crossed legs, tan, close up, double v, multiple girls, blonde hair, 3girls, solo focus, orange hair

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