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Name: Vampires




Created by: maelstrom menagerie (@maelstrom)

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Created at: 2024-07-06T22:18:42.984Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:26.890Z

Tags of content: painting, dark, symbolism, love, death, anxiety, despair, embrace, shadowy, woman, man, closeup, long hair, hug, 1boy, black hair, closed eyes, 1girl, faux traditional media, brown hair, nude, painterly, portrait, indoors, emotion, sadness, loneliness, lowkey, red hair, completely nude, 2boys, multiple boys, traditional media, male focus, yaoi, long sleeves, painting \(medium\), fine art parody, standing, school uniform, creature, animal, bat, monster, fantasy, halloween, forest, night, spooky, bat monster, giant bat, fantasy creature, dark fantasy, moonlight, dramatic, high contrast, none, low angle, no humans, moon, animal focus, solo, full moon, fangs, realistic, bare tree, tree, claws, outdoors, sky, branch, artist name, monochrome, greyscale, nipples, breasts, medium breasts, horns, navel, thighhighs, signature, jewelry, simple background, demon girl, graphite \(medium\), lips, full body, nipple piercing, wings, piercing, character concept art, graveyard, ruins, stormy, vampire, demon, fallen angel, gothic, horror, warm, sunset or sunrise, winged humanoid, low, pointy ears, pants, topless male, kneeling, black pants, looking at viewer, blood, glowing eyes, cape, torn clothes, person, music, performance, stage, smoke, concert, music photography, black and white, rock and roll, energy, motion, stage lighting, spotlight, musician, singer, performer, frontal, silhouette, letterboxed, web address, mecha, victim, attack, urban fantasy, city, street, fog, gothic architecture, pigeons, roses, streetlight, eyelevel, sunglasses, bird, leather, leather jacket, jacket, tattoo, sketch, drawing, illustration, concept art, character art, fantasy art, n/a, romance, spot color, dress, white background, high heels, violence, couple, bat wings, dark romance, horror art, spot light, slightly low angle, impaled, looking at another, spine, poster, character design, dracula, curse, monsters, creepy, eerie, spotlit, red eyes, scythe, teeth, bandages, skeleton, bone, skull, mummy, tongue, doorway, archway, urban, vintage, historical, mysterious, eye level, coat, horror \(theme\), holding, statue, shoes, building, shadow, stairs, house, scary, thriller, mystery, suspense, artificial, low key, 1, side view, railing, orange theme, movie poster, text, nosferatu, f.w. murnau, pranafilm, silent film, german expressionism, english text, parody, text focus, fake cover, border, deathbed, family, grief, candlelight, interior, bedroom, home, dying, dutch golden age, rembrandt, chiaroscuro, child, lantern, hat, candle, lamp, sitting, gloves, red, black, black background, dripping, sharp teeth, red theme, open mouth, crescent moon, male, dramatic lighting, from side, profile, ribs, demon wings, demon boy, hand up, blood on face, sharp fingernails, curly hair, torn wings, colored skin, colored sclera, evil, bald, grey background, horse, stone, dim, low light, high angle, arch, pillar, scenery, column, room, window, furniture, bed, art nouveau, indoor, interior design, elegant, room view, chair, candlestand, table, roots, water, swamp, mist, nature, ancient, diffused, soft, lowcontrast, cave, architecture, plants, trees, reflection, daytime, sunny, ancient ruins, roman architecture, reflecting pool, serene landscape, historical site, natural light, bright, wide angle, day, cloud, blue sky, tombstones, crosses, eclipse, outdoor, cemetery, nighttime, ground level, cross, tombstone, grave, blue dress, necklace, puffy sleeves, phone, juliet sleeves, storyboard, arrows, archery, medieval, tower, action, animation, storyboard panel, storyboard template, archer, multiple perspectives, comic, polearm, spear, weapon, arrow \(projectile\), aircraft, rider, landscape, dynamic, bird's eye view, gown, antique, fashion, victorian, clothing, textile, costume, design, couture, burgundy, lace, embroidery, bustle, soft lighting, red dress, long dress, frills, white gloves, gradient background

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