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Created by: sjm (@sjm)

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Created at: 2024-07-08T07:57:11.336Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:28.702Z

Tags of content: teeth, bones, biology, human, molar, premolar, dental, anatomy, 3d render, studio lighting, front and side, black background, simple background, no humans, shiny skin, photograph, dentistry, medical, oral health, molars, incisors, canines, jaw, oral, front view, still life, realistic, food focus, food, dentures, dental prosthetics, dental technology, dental laboratory, indoors, prosthetic, laboratory, wax, pink, white, mold, model, artificial, bright, none, eyelevel, closeup, sharp teeth, sculpture, alien, surreal, skull, face, death, art, studio, woman, memento mori, slightly below, closed eyes, open mouth, solo, horror \(theme\), facing viewer, traditional media, skeleton, knight, armor, crown of thorns, cross, religious imagery, dark, dark fantasy, gothic, macabre, horror, undead, skeletal, ossuary, blasphemous, dramatic lighting, low key lighting, 1, eye level, shoulder armor, upper body, cross necklace, necklace, chain, pauldrons, male focus, 1other, 1boy, breastplate, chainmail, monster, full-body, pose, selfie, mirror selfie, social media, text, room, bedroom, indoor, smartphone, ipad, illustration, anxiety, dumb phone, artificial light, 1girl, english text, blonde hair, phone, sitting, shorts, holding, holding phone, cellphone, tank top, short hair, black shorts, chair, multicolored hair, shoes, socks, tattoo, sneakers, green tank top, black socks, swivel chair, breasts, black hair, shirt, two-tone hair, full body, fake screenshot, looking at phone, gums, mouth, teeth whitening, dental care, smile, front, saliva, close-up, hands, creature, body, fine art, soft light, hand focus, disembodied limb, grey background, lineart, drawing, sketch, artwork, female character, cyborg, robot, scifi, science fiction, cyberpunk, future, character design, concept art, mechanical parts, android, robot joints, monochrome, long hair, chat log, architecture, building, outdoors, brick tower, historic architecture, old building, landmark, urban landscape, natural lighting, no people, sky, tree, scenery, day, window, blue sky, cloud, grass, house, door, path

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