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Name: Shapes




Created by: maelstrom menagerie (@maelstrom)

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Created at: 2024-07-08T16:28:03.761Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T22:33:15.936Z

Tags of content: animal, no environment, drawing, wolf, blue, green, yellow, mythical creature, art, illustration, no lighting, no people, side view, no humans, full body, animal focus, simple background, white background, yellow eyes, traditional media, solo, pokemon \(creature\), looking at viewer, standing, blue fur, painting, creature, folk art, colorful, bright, teeth, red eyes, sharp teeth, from side, running, monster, open mouth, horse, brown, white eyes, blank eyes, tail, cat, none, sphinx cat, hairless cat, red, orange, black, artificial light, spotlight, web address, watermark, furry, fighting stance, realistic, deviantart username, red theme, squatting, red background, man, deers, trees, clouds, sky, forest, ethereal, serene, tranquil, magical, surreal, day, 1boy, male focus, pants, holding, shirt, boots, black hair, outdoors, black pants, tree, short hair, holding briefcase, blue shirt, holding gun, sleeves rolled up, gun, animals, goat, nature, person, riding, herding, field, pasture, goats, herd, horseback, cowboy, rural, livestock, farm animals, overcast, ambient, natural, rider, herder, aerial, high angle, 1girl, from behind, wildlife, mammal, travel, wilderness, deer, adventure, western, natural light, sitting, antlers, horns, hat, white shirt, fine art parody, bird, parody, book, sword, horseback riding, weapon, scenery, yellow flower, flower, building, city, cityscape, road, painting \(medium\), night, sign, red sky, skyscraper, cloud, cloudy sky, industrial pipe, chair, plant, indoors, table, door, monochrome, window, dark, silhouette, wings, star \(sky\), space

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