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Name: Artwork- Birds




Created by: maelstrom menagerie (@maelstrom)

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Created at: 2024-07-08T16:30:17.845Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:30.232Z

Tags of content: drawing, illustration, concept art, fantasy, outdoors, snowy, vultures, birds, wings, gore, blood, death, bright lighting, man, from below, 1boy, bird, male focus, jacket, pants, camouflage, brown jacket, holding, boots, brown hair, solo, camouflage pants, flock, flying, green footwear, grey pants, orange background, standing, short hair, camouflage jacket, outdoor, duck, animal, water, winter, snow, nature, wildlife, feather, natural lighting, no people, side view, no humans, traditional media, animal focus, pokemon \(creature\), colored pencil \(medium\), tree, painting \(medium\), beak, full body, sketch, eagle, hawk, tattoo art, fine art, tattoo, art, black and white, monochrome, greyscale, flower, simple background, white background, signature, bouquet

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