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Name: wip



Created by: starfish (@artsynthe)

Created at: 2023-12-05T19:24:35.762Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:02.568Z

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Tags of content: portrait, woman, indoor, red light, blue light, dramatic lighting, studio lighting, dark, moody, closeup, solo, male focus, long hair, 1boy, realistic, upper body, black hair, looking at viewer, simple background, drawing, sketch, facial expressions, none, mouth, teeth, lips, emotion, anime, manga, reference, tutorial, front, monochrome, greyscale, english text, no humans, traditional media, white background, grin, clenched teeth, smile, headshot, indoors, jujutsu kaisen, male character, tattoo, facial expression, pink hair, red shirt, artificial light, 1 person, eye level, short hair, red hoodie, undercut, facial mark, hood, facial tattoo, extra eyes, subtitled, red eyes, hoodie, spiked hair, fake screenshot, jacket, hood down, ryoumen sukuna (jujutsu kaisen), person, male, soft light, man, closed eyes, closed mouth, black jacket, school uniform, shirtless, tattoos, sharp nails, scars, worm's eye view, black nails, fingernails, sharp fingernails, topless male, abs, hand up, pectorals, chest tattoo, toned, black pants, pants, navel, arm tattoo, toned male, collarbone, illustration, fanart, sukuna, markings, smirk, soft lighting, side view, shoulder tattoo, evil smile, outdoor, white hair, sunglasses, blue eyes, daylight, round eyewear, sky, day, blue sky, twitter username, gojou satoru, dress, fashion, clothing, style, corset, offtheshoulder, long sleeves, silk skirt, champagne, elegant, feminine, romantic, vintage, sunlight, eyelevel, 1girl, jewelry, necklace, head out of frame, bare shoulders, white dress, off shoulder, breasts, table, standing, puffy sleeves, carpet, fan art, cool, handsome, shirt, white shirt, parted lips, collared shirt, hair between eyes, colored eyelashes, grey background, character, satoru gojo, frontal view, tongue, tongue out, blue background, open mouth, hands up, jujutsu tech uniform, multiple views, white footwear, high collar, reference sheet, hand in pocket, shoes, full body, grey hair, character name, gakuran, covered mouth, green eyes, character design, n/a, artbook, concept art, side, back, close up, belt, jeans, red footwear, body markings, denim, blue pants, crazy smile, muscular, character sheet, character model sheet, fashion design, clothing design, anime boy, 3/4 view, crossed arms, mouth mask, mask, turnaround, short sleeves, japanese clothes, kimono, scarf, character profile, white kimono, forehead mark, sitting, wide sleeves, robe, sandals, white robe, zouri, photo, studio, product placement, backdrop, street style, casual, sportswear, nike, sneakers, trendy, androgynous, artificial, soft, young adult, asian, model, purple hoodie, nike \(company\), sleeves past wrists, brown eyes, black footwear, drawstring, brown hair, track pants, urban, city, boy, piercings, expressionless, night, dim, medium shot, black eyes, outdoors, collage, challenge, color scheme, rozzers, one piece, 6 male characters, mostly frontfacing, cigar, multiple boys, scar, smoking, facial hair, scar on face, hat, weapon, heart, 6+boys, red hair, stitches, blonde hair, hair slicked back, coat, holding, multiple monochrome, sword, straw hat, holding weapon, sideburns, open clothes, goatee, beard, stubble, trafalgar law, wine glass, elegance, red dress, silk, satin, sophisticated, luxury, female, hoop earrings, earrings, cleavage cutout, clothing cutout, cup, drinking glass, medium breasts, arm support, cleavage, chairs, black dress, natural, blurry, chair, blurry background, red lips, looking to the side, bob cut, nail polish, window, curtain, flowers, floral pattern, beauty, spring, summer, floral dress, offshoulder, cute, photoshoot, k-pop, floral print, curtains