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Name: personal



Created by: starfish (@artsynthe)

Created at: 2023-12-05T19:48:36.516Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:59.998Z

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Tags of content: character, face, ghost, digital art, blue, abstract, spooky, ambient, dark, closeup, solo, black background, simple background, no humans, blue skin, blank eyes, white eyes, slime \(creature\), o_o, colored skin, looking at viewer, drawing, portrait, anime, fantasy, furry, anime boy, cat ears, blue hair, purple shirt, green background, soft, diffused, 1 person, frontal, 1boy, male focus, long hair, earrings, jewelry, multicolored hair, sketch, parted lips, purple eyes, streaked hair, jacket, girl, woman, female, illustration, indoor, white hair, red eyes, black dress, gloves, gold chain, 1girl, dress, white background, sleeveless, asymmetrical hair, side slit, black hair, smile, grey hair, necklace, short hair, sleeveless dress, bare shoulders, black gloves, breasts, cowboy shot, piercing, medium breasts, male character, introspection, loneliness, indoors, room, sunlight, melancholic, contemplative, stylish, soft lighting, window light, shadows, young man, side view, shirt, hand on own neck, long sleeves, hand on own shoulder, upper body, profile, stud earrings, blue eyes, shadow, ear piercing, closed mouth, grey shirt, hand up, drawing illustration anime portrait, n/a, cool edgy stylish handsome manga, man young man, silhouette, stage, red curtain, spotlight, elegant, confident, dramatic, curtains, curtain grab, none, cyberpunk, futuristic, cyborg, character design, headphones, hair over one eye, ahoge, swept bangs, partially fingerless gloves, looking back, from side, monochrome, sleeveless shirt, elbow gloves, alhaitham (genshin impact)