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Created by: anaverageuserwoaj (@anaverageuserwoah)

Created at: 2024-01-22T01:31:55.103Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:10.147Z

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Tags of content: rika, sketch, drawing, figure, person, male, crouching, n/a, art, illustration, pose, emotion, sadness, man, side view, 1girl, solo, long hair, pants, shirt, monochrome, squatting, shoes, ponytail, looking down, full body, white background, simple background, collared shirt, from side, ahoge, greyscale, very long hair, sleeves rolled up, androgynous, closed mouth, rika (pokemon), anime, manga, green hair, red eyes, suspenders, gloves, neutral lighting, full body portrait, necktie, black pants, black gloves, black necktie, grey shirt, earrings, jewelry, flat chest, signature, reverse trap, brown eyes, standing, adjusting clothes, eyes visible through hair, a comic strip with 3 characters., nondescript room, may be indoors., three people in the comic strip, two women, one man. one of the women is a child., straighton, no angles palette: #000000 #ffffff #c9c9c9 #878787 #404040 desc: a blackandwhite comic strip featuring three characters. on the left is a young girl with short hair, wearing a large winter jacket and holding a small object. in the center stands a tall woman with long, dark hair, wearing a long black dress and a pleased expression. on the right, a man with long hair pulled back sits casually with his legs crossed, wearing a dress shirt and tie. he is looking over his shoulder at the other characters. text bubbles indicate they are having a conversation., multiple girls, 3girls, sitting, speech bubble, own hands together, jacket, smile, sparkle, blush stickers, open mouth, chair, long sleeves, short hair, ribbon, neck ribbon, :d, crossed legs, comic, blunt bangs, dark-skinned female, eyelashes, swivel chair, dark skin, cartoon, plain background, stylized, playful, hide and seek, soft lighting, young man, young girl, blob character, slightly low angle, 2girls, braid, brown hair, naranja academy school uniform, white pupils, bright pupils, pokemon \(creature\), school uniform, looking at another, white shirt, blush, hand on own hip, orange necktie, blue headwear, character, creatures, text, surprise, outdoors, grass, teal hair, surprised expression, pleading, salamanders, axolotls, backpack, brown vest, gathering, bright, low angle, trembling, brown footwear, sweat, on shoulder, lower teeth only, pokemon on shoulder, twitter username, indoor, blue eyes, eating, snack, black hair, soft, 1 person, boy, eye level, virtual youtuber, blue hair, hair intakes, food, mask, holding food, mouth mask, holding, multicolored hair, sandwich, hood, spot color, upper body, medium hair, open clothes, ouro kronii, character design, female, hands up, piercing, fanart, indoors, white hair, black clothes, tie, cat, petting, slight low angle, closed eyes, hair over one eye, holding pokemon, fan art, pokemon, trainers, pokemon sword and shield, raihan, piers, sandaconda, obstagoon, natural, two people, one male, one unknown, hoodie, male focus, heart, dark-skinned male, black hoodie, spoken heart, shorts, single glove, 1boy, orange headwear, undercut, fang, tongue, partially colored, 2boys, multiple boys, headband, hood down, raihan (pokemon), portrait, fangs, woman, closeup, orange background, looking at viewer, colored inner hair, ear piercing, yaoi, carrying, profile, parted lips, eye contact, line art, love, romance, affection, family, welllit, 3 people, 1 adult, 2 children, ..., spoken ellipsis, yuri, spoken question mark, ?, spoken exclamation mark, !, crying, apron, tears, doodle, couple, hug, intimacy, happiness, joy, natural light, 2, tentacle hair, traditional media, pointy ears, hug from behind, nejiri hachimaki, teeth, multiple earrings, sleeveless, octarian, hachimaki, surprised, symbol-shaped pupils, crop top, cross-shaped pupils, breasts, ear blush, happy, grin, movement, wind, flowing, pentagram necklace, front, hands on own hips, facing viewer, hands in pockets, looking back, cropped legs, cowboy shot, injury, wound, blood, healing, care, tenderness, unknown, likely indoor, anime boy, scars, bandages, caring, medical, angst, diffused, slightly angled, scar, scar on chest, open shirt, chinese text, hair down, navel, scar on arm, hand on another's face, solo focus, scar on face, 1other, grabbing, korean text, fashion, gothic, fantasy, ambient, aged down, mother and son, sandals, open coat, coat, holding paper, necklace, bracelet, paper, fur trim, short sleeves, midriff, clothes grab, fur-trimmed coat, boots, arven (pokemon), instructions, eye shapes, hair, face shape, arrow \(symbol\), low ponytail, faceless, multiple views, anime fan art character design portrait, colorful stylish trendy modern fantasy, bright artificial, three characters two male characters one female character, tongue out, sleeveless shirt, holding phone, hand up, alternate costume, phone, buttons, alternate hairstyle, black shirt, selfie, nap, sleeping, dreaming, rest, child, close up, yellow pantyhose, pantyhose, lying, tail, thought bubble, animal ears, cat tail, on side, chibi, cat ears, grey background, hat, girl, dress, black eyes, bonnet, trainer, pokeball, poke ball, holding poke ball, poke ball \(basic\), hand in pocket, witch, gangster, cigarette, conversation, bar, romantic, vintage, magic, noir, humanization, pocky, witch hat, brown necktie, white gloves, pocky in mouth, table, striped clothes, striped pants, personification, pocky kiss, side slit, belt, capelet, brown pants, striped necktie, shared food, leaning forward, food in mouth, feet out of frame, brown headwear, brown belt, pinstripe pattern, black headwear, two-tone hair, mouth hold, brown dress, vertical-striped pants, chest harness, harness, black dress, diagonal-striped clothes, red hair, skirt, glasses, sweater, ribbed sweater, black skirt, armband, red footwear, large breasts, lab coat, clipboard, turtleneck, brown pantyhose, thigh strap, socks, white coat, black-framed eyewear, pencil skirt, black pantyhose, turtleneck sweater, under-rim eyewear, semi-rimless eyewear, respirator, half gloves, black footwear, group portrait, city, street, car, graffiti, punk, urban, friends, sunset, fun, energy, warm, backlighting, 5 people, teenagers, fur-trimmed jacket, official alternate costume, black jacket, blonde hair, sunglasses, grey hair, motor vehicle, lion ears, copyright name, bird, lion tail, grey eyes, yellow eyes, 4girls, open jacket, tiger ears, hairclip, artwork, group, room, night, music, band, guitar, friendship, youth, city life, night life, alternative, grunge, artificial, lamp, cool, three, furry, anthropomorphic, tiger, wolf, furry male, furry female, horns, tiger girl, single horn, orange hair, orange eyes, dog boy, tiger tail, dog ears, multicolored fur, pink hair, sword, dragon, battle, action, soft light, sarashi, weapon, chest sarashi, holding sword, holding weapon, hair between eyes, katana, sheath, eastern dragon, black coat, bare shoulders, medium breasts, coat on shoulders, petals, holding sheath, unsheathing, underboob