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Name: anatomy



Created by: bacusatsugo (@bacusatsugo)

Created at: 2024-02-20T09:34:31.258Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:06.684Z

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Tags of content: portrait, full body, dance, art, artistic, performance, indoors, studio, stage, dancer, male, man, dramatic lighting, dramatic, dark, spotlight, contrast, eye level, 1boy, male focus, solo, male underwear, underwear, realistic, topless male, white male underwear, navel, standing, muscular, abs, barefoot, muscular male, hand on own hip, outstretched arm, toned, black hair, fine art parody, dirty, pectorals, short hair, black background, boxer briefs, toned male, nipples, facial hair, bara, navel hair, bulge, chest hair, leg hair, grabbing, large pectorals, feet out of frame, indoor, figure study, anatomy, pose, body, expression, athletic, muscle, strength, low key lighting, low angle, looking up, arm hair, hairy, shirtless, physique, confidence, studio lighting, beard, stretching, male dancer, contemporary dance, flexibility, rear view, ass, from behind, adult, ballet, movement, grace, contemporary, soft, 1, back, outstretched arms, thighs, stomach, boxers, underwear only, from below, very short hair, sitting, arm support, buzz cut, arm up, sideburns, crossed arms, black male underwear, cowboy shot, person, full shot, arms up, side view, hand on own shoulder, pants, self hug, closed eyes, studio shot, black backdrop, studio photography, artificial, full body shot, squatting, reaching, from side, hand on own knee, briefs, shadow, mature male, armpit hair, elbow rest, blood, nude, natural light, head tilt, chair, emotion, spread arms, closed mouth, performing arts, flexible, shadowy, leaning forward, looking at viewer, model, fine art, muscles, chiaroscuro, dirty feet, side, spot light, worm's eye, armpits, dancing, upper body, completely nude, vulnerability, low, strong, darkness, open hands, studio light, pain, back pain, injury, health, medical, facing away, hand on own neck, human body, posture, male figure study, anatomy reference, human form, nude study, back focus, grey background, fighting stance, human anatomy, dim, on side, lying, arms behind back, hand up, photo, lowkey, profile, human, black and white, monochrome, arm behind back, stool, feet, soles, dark skin, pain relief, muscle spasm, fitness, male body, spine, tension, spotlit, low key, grey pants, athleticism, moody, senior, natural, yokozuwari, bodybuilder, shorts, toes, contemplative, masculinity, hands up, photorealistic, artistry, hand on own face, hand on own head, closeup, sensuality, photography, high contrast, adult male, front, mustache, anguish, stress, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, loneliness, hands on own face, dark background, hands on neck, expressive, low view, soft lighting, shirt, grayscale, artistic nude, black pants, ladder, bandages, stretch, lighting, nude art, torso, shirtless man, thick thighs, arms behind head, male model, man body muscles underwear, indoor studio, sensual masculine bodybuilding fitness portrait, dramatic chiaroscuro, graceful, spot lighting, on one knee, all fours, woman, red hair, lingerie, kneeling, female, eyelevel, 1girl, panties, long hair, seiza, bra, breasts, grey panties, grey bra, lips, yoga, meditation, wellness, redhead, white background, own hands together, white bra, white panties, blue eyes, legs up, freckles, mole, simple background, medium breasts, on back, scar, prosthesis, braid, dance pose, modern dance, high angle, cleavage, large breasts, black panties, blurry, foreshortening, flat chest, bag, covered nipples, nipple stimulation, camera, bodysuit, top view, toenails, from above, strap slip, bare legs, small breasts, yaoi, 2boys, multiple boys, hugging own legs, no humans, hands on feet, feminine, upside-down, red eyes, legs, pantyhose, ponytail, knife, holding, weapon, holding knife, solo focus, spread legs, curly hair, jewelry, earrings, foot focus, leg up, makeup, topless, red lips, nose, nail polish, tank top, balance, sports bra, grey sports bra, sadness, depression, fingernails, head down, knees up, facing down, contortion, worm's eye view, top-down bottom-up, pussy, uncensored, fashion, beauty, parody, minimal, modern, diffused, microphone, dance dancer red hair bodysuit modern contemporary studio grace flexible movement pose, black nails, exercise, dumbbell, chain, one, open mouth, red nails, indoors studio, model red hair lingerie pose full body, bracelet, figure, art reference, stubble, depth of field, blurry foreground, head back, leaning back, monitor, hands on own thighs, convenient leg, drawing, sketch, face, head, tutorial, human head, front view, 3/4 view, greyscale, bald, traditional media, signature, glasses, multiple views