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Created by: La Belle Tinker (@labelletinker)

Created at: 2024-03-07T02:48:40.839Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:07.931Z

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Tags of content: shield, viking shield, raven, nordic art, celtic art, round shield, metal boss, wood, indoors, viking, nordic, celtic, mythology, warrior, battle, protection, history, art, design, symbol, culture, handpainted, artificial light, front view, no humans, still life, 3d model, digital art, hairstyle, braid, studio, hair, character design, soft lighting, woman, side view, back view, 1girl, grey background, brown hair, simple background, multiple views, long hair, single braid, artist name, nape, from behind, web address, looking at viewer, watermark, portrait, braided ponytail, 1boy, male focus, solo, holding, fine art parody, navel, muscular, full body, realistic, pectorals, muscular male, topless male, arm behind back, standing, staff, shadow, underwear, polearm, nipples, holding polearm, weapon, abs, holding staff, holding pole, short hair, bara, photorealistic, arm up, drawing, sketch, bun, female, face, head, illustration, line art, black and white, simple, minimalist, tutorial, side, monochrome, greyscale, white background, collarbone, faceless, hair bun, covered face, single hair bun, hair style, hairstyles, female face, n/a, style, ponytail, swept, exams, pe, sports, women, frontfacing, smile, multiple girls, red hair, hair ornament, hairclip, blush, closed mouth, how to, manga, anime, twin braids, closed eyes, english text, hair over shoulder, profile, blunt bangs, parted lips, dragon, serpent, knotwork, fantasy, ancient, pokemon \(creature\), signature, animal focus, tentacles, traditional media, from side, person, 3d, concept art, studio lighting, front, back, expressive eyes, 2, closeup, rain, graphite \(medium\), hood, hair over one eye, multiple boys, 2boys, hair between eyes, hairstyle tutorial, outdoors, fashion, beauty, girl, teen, daylight, eye level, denim, pants, jeans, shirt, jewelry, jacket, white shirt, letterboxed, old, bracelet, old woman, soldier, spartan, spear, helmet, armor, indoor, outdoor, man, beard, facial hair, sandals, holding weapon, holding shield, skirt, figure drawing, pose, anatomy, gesture drawing, breasts, ball, joints, bodysuit, medium breasts, breasts apart, arrow, vintage, arrowhead, iron, medieval, none, greek, hoplite, 1 girl, sky, clouds, blue sky, wind, natural, low, cloud, black hair, blue eyes, day, upper body, open jacket, open clothes, red jacket, floating hair, long sleeves, cloudy sky, cropped jacket, contrail, statue, bronze, roman, nude, sculpture, necklace, dark skin, dark-skinned male, pen, notepad, ambient, 6+girls, tongue, open mouth, tongue out, faceless female, twintails, hairband, hair tubes, facial mark, no eyes, forehead mark, alternate hairstyle, makeup, natural light, soft, mole, border, white border, lips, black shirt, red lips, freckles, hair design, neutral, pointy ears, model, pale skin, brunette, nose, eyelashes, zipper, : girl, : sky, : anime, brown jacket, : sunlight, : woman, : low angle, metal, archeological, book, scroll, antique, document, food focus, food, gesture, large breasts, disney, princess, animated, movie, sunset, pocahontas, petals, dark-skinned female, dress, pink background, bare shoulders, school uniform, brown eyes, oohashi high school uniform, parody, blazer, aisaka taiga, skincare, grey eyes, knife, ass, muscular female, sports bra, cropped legs, bike shorts, toned, shorts, ravens, norse, round image, bird, circle, orb, transparent background, painting \(medium\), hairdo, red eyes, comparison, axe, holding axe, battle axe, business, corporate, professional, office, businesswoman, collared shirt, asian, museum, full shot, doryphoros, spear bearer, polykleitos, ancient greece, classical art, tribal, round, handmade, craft, decoration, blue, black, bright, brick wall, footwear, grass, forest, reenactment, group, 6+boys, blonde hair, sword, boots, walking, nature, figure, native american, warm, frontal, black eyes, red, greece, sign, icon, black background, talons, crow, beak, animal, field, saxon, combat, fighting, costume, historical, army, society, festival, event, gun, viking helmet, iron helmet, ancient helmet, historical artifact, gradient background, tattoo, earrings, midriff, scythe, belt, greaves, old book, sidewalk, howto, teenager, green jacket, redhead, serious expression, portrait photography, glasses, text, question, school, toradora, taiga aisaka, tsundere, anime girl, romance, neck ribbon, ribbon, defense, decorative, portrait woman beauty fashion makeup hairstyle, indoor studio, face eyes lips skin hair blonde wet hair bare shoulders neutral natural beauty minimalist photography, soft natural diffused, female model, happy, smiling, confident, real life insert, eagle, logo, crest, heraldry, graphic, anatomy human figure muscles, anatomy study muscles shoulder arm pose, front back side, partially colored, fighter, dark fantasy, soft light, 1