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Name: Kemet



Created by: wr_t_3r (@wr_t_3r)

Created at: 2024-03-10T15:47:32.336Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:10.466Z

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Tags of content: animal, art, design, fashion, history, metal, indoors, studio, fish, gold, artifact, ornament, jewelry, ancient, studio lighting, side, no humans, animal focus, blue background, simple background, shadow, realistic, from side, full body, necklace, ancient egypt, egyptian, pharaoh, hieroglyphics, enamel, beads, tassels, close up, black background, still life, traditional media, sculpture, indoor, culture, turquoise, scarab, pendant, spotlight, eyelevel, bird, earrings, lapis lazuli, falcon, wings, ancient egyptian, front, white background, hat, standing, witch hat, bracelets, carnelian, museum, top down, book, tutankhamun, grey background, black eyes, profile, bracelet, gemstone, display, gold bracelet, ancient jewelry, museum exhibit, historical artifact, artificial, eye level, crack, photorealistic, reflection, blurry, table, mirror, footwear, shoes, sandals, woven, straw, traditional, native, display case, brown theme, birds, helmet, painting \(medium\), planet, painting, interior, egyptian art, ritual, ceremony, love, marriage, natural light, two people, woman, man, couple, side view, black hair, egyptian clothes, dark skin, dress, dark-skinned female, fine art parody, 1girl, barefoot, 2girls, multiple girls, white dress, hieroglyphs, gods, natural, three (3) humans, 3girls, polearm, holding, short hair, 2boys, multiple boys, mural, procession, tomb, tomb painting, women, offering bearers, dim, diffused, 6+girls, see-through, sleeveless dress, sleeveless, surreal, artwork, harvest, agriculture, fresco, workers, natural lighting, 5, front view, weapon, nude, kneeling, parody, breasts, people, farming, field, daily life, daylight, bright, four adults, one child, male focus, topless male, 4boys, music, instruments, musicians, own hands together, sitting, smile, tribal, headdress, headband, dreadlocks, native american, long hair, egyptian hieroglyphs, egypt, solo, funeral procession, ancient egyptian art, sarcophagus, mourners, offerings, funeral, afterlife, burial, likely from torches or oil lamps, priests, flat perspective common in ancient egyptian art, silhouette, multiple others, art history, closed mouth, male, female, holding hands, 1boy, cowboy shot, statue, wood, 3, 3boys, dark-skinned male, staff, wooden statue, male figure, tomb sculpture, fullshot, gradient background, carving, wood carving, archaeology, figure, navel, towel