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Created by: virgave (@makingstuff)

Created at: 2024-03-12T19:48:37.664Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:15.849Z

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Tags of content: woman, portrait, indoor, bedroom, selfie, natural light, eye level, 1girl, realistic, solo, looking at viewer, photorealistic, jewelry, necklace, long hair, brown hair, brown eyes, shirt, upper body, asian, lips, mole, smile, white shirt, forehead, closed mouth, indoors, nose, k-pop, character, video game, pixel art, game asset, stardew valley, avatar, outfit, front, side, male focus, pants, 1boy, green pants, orange hair, pixelated, simple background, arms at sides, full body, white background, multiple views, jacket, standing, green eyes, black footwear, shoes, blue eyes, transparent background, red shirt, short hair, red jacket, painting, outdoors, grass, mountains, sky, clouds, video game art, female, day, sunny, frontal, blue sky, cloud, brown footwear, denim, no mouth, green shirt, bright, man, side view, thick eyebrows, blonde hair, hair over one eye