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Name: primodium



Created by: trish (@chalkbullet)

Created at: 2024-03-25T05:59:03.871Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:12.671Z

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Tags of content: ship, toy, vehicle, indoors, lego, star wars, spaceship, starfighter, droid, studio lighting, top, no humans, science fiction, sketch, weapon, grey background, spacecraft, simple background, black background, gun, vehicle focus, robot, vehicles spaceships robots trucks, n/a, soft diffused, none, side view (cargo platform, flying truck) threequarter view (robot builder), multiple views, english text, white background, radio antenna, military vehicle, drawing, artwork, design, blueprint, aircraft, military, futuristic, scifi, fighter jet, schematic, side view, top view, thrusters, jet, from side, flying, energy cannon, freighter, crate, concept art, industrial, cargo, diffuse, side, front, motor vehicle, 3d model, transportation, perspective view, solo, airplane, signature, traditional media, mecha, character name, minelayer, corvette, concept, illustration, soft, aerial, shadow, from above, dated, artist name, plane, aviation, fighter, starship, technology, red, gray, spaceship design, soft light, brown background, glowing, model, slight low angle, realistic, air, sky, shark, art, space, travel, soft lighting, non-humanoid robot, walker \(robot\), full body, looking ahead, containers, tanks, indoor, industrial design, modular design, storage, bird's eye view, gradient background, reference sheet, building, trees, plants, eco, biodome, futuristic architecture, daylight, isometric, tree, water, futuristic buildings, cityscape, architectural, space station, platform, modern, detailed, intricate, digital art, pixel art, artificial, bright, bird'seye view, logo, machinery, qr code, video game, urban, overwatch, blizzard entertainment, 3/4 view, station, architecture, modular, color guide, blueprint turret machine gun, no environment, no specific lighting, no people, front view side view exploded view, standing, mechanical design, turret, 2, holding, holding weapon, holding gun, information center, structure, terminator, aerial view, cannon, space station transfer station futuristic architecture scifi concept art, space artificial, station futuristic technology platform energy transport space travel, soft diffuse, threequarter, building robot spaceship scifi, mars, mars base concept art science fiction futuristic exploration, cable, habitat, lunar, crater, moon, asteroid, ceres, benchmark, residential, interior, sunlight, astronaut, 1girl, flight, space travel, aerodynamic, green, black, armored, lowkey, spotlight, high angle, closeup, machine, laboratory, research, medical, 3/4, complex, possibly extraterrestrial, factory, power plant, energy, diffused, natural daylight, slightly elevated, smoke, steam, train, science, lab, outdoors, research facility, natural, 2 people, drone, bay, cockpit, car, spoiler \(automobile\), prop, plant, outdoor, small turret, turret concept, game asset, overgrown, postapocalyptic, abandoned, ambient, rust, grass, moss, ruins, bridge, track, mountain, gears 5, rocket train, day, overcast, low angle, copyright name, scenery, command station, exterior, slight aerial view, orbit, antenna, mechanical, blue eyes, container, transport, slight perspective, cyberpunk, bird's eye, watercraft, pipes, monochrome, greyscale, skyscraper, city, computer design concept art technology futuristic, scifi workstation gadgets monitors interface, neutral, isometric front side, monitor, game console, game controller, computer, keyboard \(computer\), can, controller, still life, wire, ship landing pad ocean rocks clouds, coastal rocky, scifi spaceship star atlas landing exploration, natural daylight soft shadows, tiny figures, slightly elevated looking down on the ship, watermark, sample watermark, r4p17, obiwan kenobi, clone wars, 1, clouds, exploration, alien