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Name: How they did it



Created by: Pythoticus (@pythoticusbingle)

Created at: 2024-03-27T16:16:48.821Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:19.320Z

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Tags of content: how they did it, color, rendering, meat, beef, food, plate, restaurant, yakiniku, japanese bbq, grilled meat, food illustration, wagyu, indoor, aerial view, no humans, food focus, white background, simple background, still life, vegetable, onion, twitter username, artist name, fish \(food\), action, fighting, red background, clash, energy, game art, sketch, process, cookie run, devsisters, dynamic, bright, 2 characters, side view, 2koma, glowing, comic, battle, horns, furry, weapon, dragon, drawing, mythical creature, fantasy, art, digital art, procreate, closeup, greyscale, monochrome, sharp teeth, eastern dragon, teeth, from side, open mouth, monster, claws, animal focus, tail, full body, solo, concept art, illustration, characters, room, interior, mirrors, whimsical, cute, video game, cookie run kingdom, warm, soft, gingerbread man, cookie characters, slight low angle, hat, indoors, mirror, multiple others, holding hands, witch hat, smile, blue eyes, dancing, multiple boys