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Name: Inspirations



Created by: Pythoticus (@pythoticusbingle)

Created at: 2024-03-27T16:17:26.233Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:12.983Z

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Tags of content: rendering, skin, example, 1boy, male focus, blonde hair, pointy ears, barefoot, yellow eyes, sitting, shirt, scar, toes, tentacle hair, closed mouth, jewelry, feet, earrings, holding, looking down, solo, white shirt, simple background, twitter username, open shirt, open clothes, bag, thought bubble, toenails, white background, eyebrow cut, full body, orange eyes, first aid kit, scar on chest, inkling boy, drawing, illustration, fan art, character, portrait, indoors, background, anime, manga, boy, male, green hair, long hair, blush, cute, kawaii, happy, axolotl, plush, toy, heart, speech bubble, soft, natural, warm, 1 person, closeup, 1girl, spoken heart, collared shirt, ahoge, suspenders, pokemon \(creature\), gloves, crossed arms, ponytail, upper body, reverse trap, androgynous, on shoulder, black gloves, pokemon on shoulder, black necktie, necktie, bright pupils, grey background, sweatdrop, yellow shirt, piercing, white pupils, brown eyes, smile, red eyes, rika (pokemon), comic, worried, concerned, sad, curry, gloomy, uncharacteristically, battle, busy, galar, relatives, pokemon, conscience, bright, 4 people, woman, man, comic book panels, english text, multiple girls, greyscale, monochrome, glasses, 2girls, multicolored hair, hoodie, food, bowl, two-tone hair, school uniform, eating, hood, short hair, round eyewear, chopsticks, holding bowl, holding chopsticks, open mouth, skirt, short sleeves, penny (pokemon), close up, blue eyes, hug, 2 people, female, friends, smiling, closed eyes, black hair, :d, eyelashes, jacket, sparkle, blunt bangs, long sleeves, hands, holding hands, bamboo, love, connection, outdoors, support, hope, nature, relationship, couple, hand focus, 2boys, out of frame, multiple boys, plant, bandages, fingernails, bandaged hand, fingerless gloves, single person, indoor, domestic, kitchen, dimly lit, nighttime, splatoon, inkling, messy, hungry, alone, ambient, artificial, green, low light, girl, child, young adult, fictional character, voyeuristic, hidden, framed, braid, green eyes, single braid, sweat, asymmetrical hair, side braid, shorts, solo focus, black shorts, t-shirt, indian style, inkling player character, character design, rose, digital art, studio, flower, romantic, elegant, woman (reference), fictional character (male), side view, holding flower, pants, blue gloves, red flower, sleeves rolled up, black pants, low ponytail, n/a, color mixing, nearby objects, reflected light, hair, clothes, tutorial, art tips, outdoor, choker, hat, baseball cap, brown footwear, black choker, color guide, 3girls, grey shirt, red lips, blue headwear, bow, sketch, fashion, teal hair, studio lighting, low angle, multiple views, hand on own hip, hand in pocket, green shirt, flat chest, very long hair, no humans, figure drawing, art, lineart, ambient lighting, slight high angle, traditional media, tank top, mole, off shoulder, mole on neck, crossed legs, shoes, open jacket, looking at viewer, collarbone, sleeveless, arm support, sleeveless shirt, kieran (pokemon), piercings, hand, arm, pokeball, drawing program, japanese text, anime character, poke ball, poke ball \(basic\), holding poke ball, teeth, hair down, floating hair, hands up, ear piercing, movement, people, pose, dancing, fashion illustration, line art, style, design, kpop, street style, standing, twintails, sneakers, reference inset, crop top, breasts, midriff, baggy pants, white footwear, medium breasts, purple jacket, shadow, black shirt, hair behind ear, sweatpants, dragon, two dragons, dragon boy, furry male, horns, furry, yaoi, bara, cropped torso, huge eyebrows, dragon horns, furry with furry, mature male, multiple horns, muscular male, full beard, red hair, interspecies, facial hair, size difference, muscular, mutual hug, antlers, thick eyebrows, thick beard, affectionate, beard, animal ears, tail, topless male, dragon tail, arm wrap, monster boy, bandaged arm, pelvic curtain, facing away, carrying, animal feet, nipples, hand up, belt, leg wrap, pectorals, toned, dark-skinned male, blue hair, clenched hand, animal, action, fantasy, fighting, martial arts, tiger, anthropomorphic, warrior, fighter, claws, stripes, wraps, dynamic pose, dramatic, highcontrast, humanoid, dynamic, tiger boy, tiger ears, fighting stance, cowboy shot, sharp fingernails, foreshortening, abs, tiger stripes, animal hands, lighting, human, bike, rail road, street, road, night, japan, bicycle, railroad crossing, night time, traffic cone, riding bicycle, grass, power lines, looking back, from behind, road sign, bandaid, sky, sign, utility pole, riding, scenery, wide shot, sandals, bracelet, fence, character design sheet, diffuse, men, bird's eye, eastern dragon, chinese text, green skin, white hair, laptop, colored skin, black footwear, black jacket, 3boys, cigarette, computer, vest, fur trim, red jacket, smoking, green jacket, cat, pet, feline, painting, sunlight, natural light, none, eye level, animal focus, painterly, black background, whiskers, realistic, trees, environment, artwork, forest, path, stream, adventure, journey, tranquility, solitude, dappled, third person, champion's tunic \(zelda\), tree, boots, blue tunic, autumn leaves, leaf, rock, water, from side, knee boots, autumn, short ponytail, link, romance, embrace, affection, fanart, golden, military, soft lighting, warm lighting, two people, eyelevel, epaulettes, heads together, siblings, parted lips, artist name, sunny, cafe, 2, yuri, cup, cleavage, looking at another, table, hair ribbon, ribbon, teacup, purple eyes, dress, cape, edelgard von hresvelg, man on the phone, a dragon, korean text, phone, holding phone, profile, grey pants, cellphone, fight, high kick, high contrast, 1, worm's eye, kicking, sharp teeth, detached sleeves, pink eyes, red shirt, glowing, standing on one leg, braided ponytail, leg up, bare shoulders, chinese clothes, snacking, chaos, fun, splatfest, concert stage, marie, callie, dj octavio, off the hook, chips, colorful, inklings, tilted, nejiri hachimaki, dark-skinned female, dark skin, hachimaki, headband, food on head, white pants, socks, black socks, tempura, suction cups, octarian, sarashi, multicolored skin, hand fan, toeless legwear, object on head, chest sarashi, navel, fangs, multiple earrings, hair over one eye, holding fan, red skin, cephalopod eyes, folding fan, two-tone skin, see-through, white socks, harem pants, cross-shaped pupils, red eyeliner, shawl, gradient hair, shiver (splatoon), blue hat, grin, pantyhose, v, grey eyes, :o, character sheet, cartoon character, eye level palette: #f2f2f2, #e1e1e1, #d0d0d0, #c0c0c0, #b0b0b0, controller, playing games, black eyes, very short hair, game controller, holding controller, scales, minimal, red background, tie, flying kick, unspecified, video game, two women, tongue, colored tongue, tongue out, blue tongue, red footwear, medium hair, very dark skin, symbol-shaped pupils, gradient background, colored eyelashes, purple tongue, mythical creature, fox, water lily, pond, kitsune, japanese folklore, fire, magic, ethereal, serene, mystical, lily pad, lotus, wolf, pink flower, ripples, signature, solid color background, owl, bird, cool, cap, gesture, orange background, medium shot, bird boy, beak, wristband, colored sclera, hood down, orange theme, clothing, drawing character design fashion text, man woman, frontal, alternate costume, alternate hairstyle, breast pocket, pocket, turtleneck, holding pokemon, concert, performance, music, crowd, excitement, stage, concert hall, nintendo, squid sisters, spotlights, stage lights, vibrant, singer, band, audience, microphone, instrument, holding microphone, crown, playing instrument, microphone stand, guitar, singing, pink hair, headphones, mole under mouth, zipper, white jacket, pearl (splatoon), outfits, canine, werewolf, werewolves, husky, concept art, 4 characters (furry humanoid characters and children in costumes), slight tilt, collar, spiked collar, necklace, spikes, jumpsuit, black tank top, chain necklace, animal costume, animal collar, brown gloves, leash, brown jacket, chain, wolf boy, holding leash, chibi inset, wolf ears, wolf tail, arm up, body fur, brown pants, grey fur, leather, blood, white fur, sunglasses, reference sheet, kigurumi, white tank top, creature, celebration, festival, asian architecture, temple, town, mythical, chinese new year, lunar new year, asian, day, multiple, from below, year of the dragon, chinese zodiac, japanese clothes, cloud, 2024, book, kimono, flying, sun, east asian architecture, wide sleeves, torii, architecture, new year, footwear, accessory, low, close-up, lower body, hoshiguma (arknights), game, videogame, kirby star allies, screenshot, dim, dark, kirby, front, sword, weapon, hammer, health bar, gameplay mechanics, wings, mask, holding sword, armor, holding hammer, bat wings, polearm, holding weapon, star \(symbol\), green headwear, glowing eyes, red headwear, fake screenshot, bandana, spear, blue bandana, shield, king dedede, metal, the legend of zelda, breath of the wild, gerudo, scimitar, desert, champion, backlit, golden hour, princess, back view, armlet, back, sheath, outstretched arms, accessories, benson (character), front view, blue shirt, plaid, holding cup, black-framed eyewear, plaid shirt, striped clothes, brown coat, buttons, coat, scarf, striped shirt, sweater, brown scarf, dog ears, animal nose, character name, vertical-striped clothes, dog boy, smokey, spirit, power, brown hair, gauntlets, bare pectorals, large pectorals, serious, fantasy creature, lizardman, lizard, reptile, feathers, tail ornament, loincloth, digitigrade, shoulder armor, talons, anklet, mythology, chinese mythology, throne, gold, robe, frills, frilled sleeves, layered sleeves, hand on own cheek, posing, street fashion, breakdancing, abstract, energy, adult, aerial, handstand, team skull, yellow-framed eyewear, eyewear on head, clenched teeth, undercut, upside-down, watch, hooded jacket, guzma (pokemon), dog, suit, formal, side, black suit, blue pants, blue necktie, harness, blue suit, suit jacket, fish, chibi, bowtie, walking, comic strip, bedroom, bathroom, grocery store, daily life, routine, humor, indoor lighting, anthropomorphic husky character, young girl, varied, mostly closeup, apron, cooking, yawning, 4koma, pillow, rubbing eyes, frying pan, pajamas, blue pajamas, multiple heads, cabbage, waking up, stove, lying, furry female, ladle, sleepy, on back, holding frying pan, sleeping, plague doctor, angel, worm's eye view, cane, holding cane, striped pants, top hat, feathered wings, black headwear, animal head, bell, clouds, chinese dragon, asian art, stars, smoke, date, sharing, restaurant, hawker center, asia, travel, singapore, street food, daylight, noodles, scrunchie, drinking glass, pink scrunchie, border, white border, hair scrunchie, gift box, gift, incoming gift, box, outside border, holding gift, grey scarf, one eye covered, white scarf, makeup, valentine, argyle background, beret, eyeliner, plaid scarf, space, blonde, white, magical, cosmic, facial mark, head rest, spiked hair, interior, furry art, anthro, artist, room, desk, window, cozy, peaceful, studious, creative, warm light, slightly low angle, bottle, yellow border, potted plant, unworn jacket, sticky note, shelf, picture frame, bulletin board, orange fur, photo \(object\), bookshelf, chair, pencil, snout, electric guitar, poster \(object\), acoustic guitar, paper, animals, archer, bow and arrow, bird archer, white bird, orange gloves, arrow, fantasy character, midday sun, holding with feet, blue background, bow \(weapon\), arrow \(projectile\), blurry, holding bow \(weapon\), blush stickers, mouth hold, blurry foreground, depth of field, white feathers, exterior, ritual, shrine, mountain, snow, tengu, yokai, firelight, wideangle, holding instrument, night sky, hair ornament, mountainous horizon, fiery, brown background, color, still life, tea, teapot, spoon, tea bag, tea time, refreshment, beverage, hot drink, breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea, food focus, pouring, bird warrior, birdman, avian, action scene, hair tie, winged arms, multicolored fur, quad tails, shoulder pads, hair tubes, two-tone fur, creature design, monster, star-shaped pupils, fangs out, black tie, white boots, mischievous, confident, playful, hands in pockets, invisible chair, fear, anxiety, horror, selfimage, reflection, mirror, sink, faucet, darkness, trapped, greentinted, overtheshoulder, tiles, tile wall, towel, toothbrush, hair between eyes, horror \(theme\), different reflection, supernatural, news, media, living room, watching tv, apartment, demon, horn, tv, remote, concern, election, lamp, television, male politician, slightly elevated, couch, demon horns, pink skin, demon boy, monitor, demon girl, plants, hose, morning glory, white shorts, backpack, summer, yellow hairband, building, green shorts, brother and sister, house, hairband, purple flower, doodle, pokemon scarlet, pokemon violet, legend of zelda, korok, oger bonk, various, hood up, puddle, musical note, ^_^, fantasy art, pentagram, candles, library, gothic, occult, candlelight, lowkey lighting, candle, magic circle, demon wings, black dress, eye contact, hangout, relaxing, urban, alleyway, squid kid, gaming, summertime, friendship, shadows, sunny day, contrast, four, teenagers, casual, slightly tilted, goggles on head, goggles, holding bottle, octoling player character, wizard, wand, witch hat, holding wand, pier, daytime, lake, river, ocean, fishing, swimming, pancakes, domestic life, slice of life, webtoon, demons, roommates, sunset, goat, pancake, pancake stack, plate, curtains, syrup, butter, knife, grey skin, denim, bread, fork, holding knife, ice rink, handsome, figure skating, ice skater, ice skates, skates, brown shirt