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Name: ina cook



Created by: Orange Sago Cream (@orangesagocream)

Created at: 2024-03-31T14:01:50.552Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:16.466Z

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Tags of content: 1 person, indoor, anime, cartoon, illustration, digital art, character design, octopus, tentacles, halo, wings, horns, dress, book, bright, girl, female, front, 1girl, virtual youtuber, long hair, tentacle hair, multicolored hair, blunt bangs, gradient hair, sidelocks, orange hair, solo, very long hair, thighhighs, pointy ears, gloves, single thighhigh, full body, low wings, looking at viewer, floating book, purple hair, okobo, detached sleeves, black gloves, mole, mole under eye, floating object, flat chest, white thighhighs, sandals, black dress, floating, blue eyes, single detached sleeve, standing, transparent background, strapless, black hair, platform footwear, simple background, smile, closed mouth, bare shoulders, strapless dress, straight-on, fur-trimmed collar, white wings, fur trim, blush, white background, feathered wings, ninomae ina'nis, drawing, chibi, fan art, high five, happy, cute, manga, soft, child, eyelevel, shirt, shorts, aged down, grey background, open mouth, white shirt, t-shirt, :3, alternate costume, black shorts, barefoot, arm up, english text, :d, short sleeves, |_|, 1other, meme, indoors, indoor lighting, man, eye level, 1boy, cat, male focus, holding, holding animal, animal, parody, upper body, blonde hair, long sleeves, holding cat, black cat, short hair, jacket, border, holiday winter christmas, outdoor snow, cute wholesome snow christmas holiday child santa reindeer presents, soft diffused, wide angle, santa hat, scarf, snow, hat, food, sack, christmas, santa costume, candy, snowing, candy cane, coat, white scarf, takodachi (ninomae ina'nis), person, cookie, jar, chocolate chip cookies, snack, sweet, dessert, bakery, homemade, treat, delicious, tempting, indulgence, baking, fresh, yummy, tasty, hunger, craving, sharing, generosity, kitchen, storage, container, hand, woman, closeup, head out of frame, blurry, realistic, photorealistic, blue shirt, depth of field, drink, coffee, kawaii, beautiful, anime girl, asian, soft lighting, 1 girl, drinking straw, sweater vest, cup, holding cup, bow, collared shirt, school uniform, grey eyes, hair tucking, bowtie, parted lips, blue bow, bubble tea, disposable cup, hand up, adjusting hair, yellow vest, blue bowtie, vtuber, gura, gawr gura, hololive, shark, maid, 1, multiple views, whisk, boots, black footwear, white gloves, flower, fang, mouth hold, doughnut, purple eyes, puffy sleeves, black bow, anime meme stuffed toy, interior room, one female anime character, eyelevel palette: #f4e4d4 #b79c7c #6c5e48 #2e271c #433325 desc:the image features a young, blonde anime girl with blue eyes. she is holding out a small stuffed toy that resembles herself, offering it to the viewer. the background is a simple interior room with neutral colors. the words "you are sad" are written in bold white text at the top of the image, and "take this" is written in the same style at the bottom., hair ornament, skirt, plaid, bob cut, capelet, plaid skirt, high-waist skirt, 2girls, multiple girls, holding food, brown capelet, watson amelia, cosplay, outdoors, selfie, brown hair, brown eyes, striped clothes, striped shirt, hood, portrait, beauty, young, hair, skin, makeup, natural light, side view, profile, lips, from side, closed eyes