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Name: Vere



Created by: Grace (@graceful_dreams)

Created at: 2024-04-03T22:16:13.522Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:24.202Z

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Tags of content: dress, wedding, gown, long, blue, white, formal, elegant, lace, crystals, front, simple background, blue dress, solo, no humans, full body, 1girl, long dress, white background, standing, white dress, pink background, still life, star \(symbol\), jewelry, clothing, fashion, design, style, feminine, delicate, intricate, stylish, tulle, ribbon, bow, starry night, celestial, moon, stars, gems, black, gray, silver, romantic, dreamy, fantasy, whimsical, soft, diffused, frills, fins, black dress, wedding dress, bridal, invisible, headless, breasts, formal dress, see-through, puffy sleeves, skirt hold, long sleeves, yellow ribbon, yellow bow, head out of frame, see-through sleeves, frilled sleeves, side, veil, yellow dress, white theme, bug, star, starry, night sky, purple, gradient, highlow, eye level, english text, starry sky print, fake screenshot, artist name, star \(sky\), red, gold, embroidery, soft lighting, front view, fake phone screenshot, white shirt, puffy long sleeves, shirt, virtual youtuber, timestamp, frilled dress, advertisement, indoor, elegance, bright, video game advertisement, gold trim, love nikki, expeditions: a mudrunner game, game advertisement, welllit, motor vehicle, from behind, logo, blonde hair, garment, pink dress, dirndl, national dress, midi dress, apron, cross-laced clothes, pink apron, pinafore dress, floral print, sleeveless, vertical-striped clothes, striped dress, skirt, long skirt, white skirt, layered skirt, embroidered, embellishment, cloak, brown, top, bows, outfit, blue bow, sleeves past wrists, center frills, bowtie, blue bowtie, game ad, screenshot, game, mobile game, dress up, straight on, flower, bridal veil, holding, pink flower, car, bouquet, cape, robe, green, ornate, tassels, rear, tassel, ruffles, side view, sketch, fashion illustration, halter dress, aline dress, pleated dress, monochrome, studio lighting, transparent background, grey dress, see-through dress, mannequin, black ribbon, 2d illustration, outdoor, pathway, flowers, shoes, 2 girls, multiple girls, 2girls, outdoors, brown hair, rose, butterfly, long hair, ponytail, high heels, water, blue eyes, red flower, yellow flower, fountain, neck ribbon, blurry, black footwear, lantern, hand fan, day, clothing cutout, red rose, watercraft, boat, wavy hair, rose print, black skirt, pink, studio, pink rose, dress flower, layered dress, ball gown, layers, food, cup, white gloves, hair bun, purple dress, corset, sleeves past fingers, wide sleeves, constellation print, star print, lace trim, luxury, beauty, traditional, nordic, scandinavian, folk, red bow, red bowtie, collared shirt, woman, illustration, character design, grassland, countryside, pastoral, spring, nature, anime, natural light, 1 female, slightly low angle, staff, green eyes, reference inset, holding staff, sky, pom pom \(clothes\), cloud, looking at viewer, bonnet, blue sky, braid, open mouth, grass, photo inset, smile, girl, character, wolf ears, fairy tale, forest, forest legend, fantasy fashion, wolf girl, red riding hood, two female characters, animal ears, hair flower, hair ornament, brown eyes, grey hair, twin braids, cat ears, :d, hood, red cape, drawing, sparkle, necklace, strapless, strapless dress, bare shoulders, back view, print dress, coat, blue skirt, white lace, floral embroidery, dress video game ad, digital image, fashion mobile game advertisement, bright artificial, none