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Name: chinn



Created by: Orange Sago Cream (@orangesagocream)

Created at: 2024-04-18T17:43:40.188Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:21.322Z

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Tags of content: woman, dress, roses, anime, title, outdoors, 吸血鬼, すぐに, 眷属, beautiful, bright, soft, 1, low angle, 1girl, breasts, long hair, solo, red dress, flower, cleavage, purple eyes, blonde hair, rose, purple flower, purple rose, copyright name, smile, long sleeves, very long hair, large breasts, looking at viewer, tiara, puffy sleeves, choker, juliet sleeves, drill hair, frills, wide sleeves, full body, transparent background, black footwear, standing, tachi-e, shoes, closed mouth, drawing, cartoon, indoor, throne room, royal court, princess, crown, red throne, long blonde hair, smug, confident, eye level, throne, upper body, sitting, virtual youtuber, :3, hair intakes, : drawing, fictional character, : palace, indoors, : princess, smirk, : studio lighting, : girl, female, : close up, open mouth, hair ornament, braid, medium breasts