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Name: Game



Created by: tuur.wauters (@tuurwauters)

Created at: 2024-05-02T19:14:00.611Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:18.365Z

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Tags of content: player, game, art, character, weapon, action figure, none, resident evil, claire redfield, grenade launcher, chibi, flat, woman, isometric, blue eyes, brown hair, 1girl, holding, gun, short hair, holding weapon, boots, simple background, brown footwear, cleavage, breasts, holding gun, smile, open mouth, full body, rocket launcher, blue background, jill valentine, game character, sword, pixel art, konosuba, kazuma satou, adventure, rpg, ambient, male, front view, 1boy, male focus, solo, holding sword, belt, pants, green eyes, looking at viewer, copyright name, capelet, satou kazuma, video game character, hollow knight, minecraft, voxel, game art, 3/4, grey background, standing, multiple views, no humans, horns, colored skin, 1other, plaid, black eyes, tool, n/a, voxel art, character design, soft light, 3/4 perspective, brown belt, shirt, blue pants, axe, long sleeves, blue shirt, closed mouth, holding axe, video game, fan art, abstract, the legend of zelda, link, navi, ocarina of time, 8bit, link (the legend of zelda), slight topdown, blonde hair, pointy ears, shield, green headwear, gloves, hat, master sword, white pants, triforce, fingerless gloves, green tunic, gameplay mechanics, tunic, holding shield, white background, 3d character, cartoon character, indoor, solid background, adventure time, low poly, 3d model, animation, cartoon, soft lighting, finn the human, jake the dog, shorts, bag, blue shorts, robot, backpack, black footwear, :d, standing on one leg, socks, digital, virtual, aviator, girl, pilot, goggles, brown gloves, brown jacket, closed eyes, brown headwear, freckles, jacket, black background, border, artist name, goggles on head, fur trim, facing viewer, arms at sides, orange hair