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Name: pose



Created by: Orange Sago Cream (@orangesagocream)

Created at: 2024-05-10T17:06:44.497Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:29.010Z

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Tags of content: woman, portrait, indoors, beauty, asian, young, hair, skin, makeup, soft, natural light, girl, side view, 1girl, solo, long hair, profile, black hair, realistic, lips, adjusting hair, simple background, from side, white background, closed eyes, illustration, anime, indoor, drink, coffee, cute, female, kawaii, beautiful, anime girl, soft lighting, 1 girl, closeup, drinking straw, sweater vest, shirt, cup, holding, looking at viewer, upper body, short sleeves, holding cup, blue shirt, bow, collared shirt, school uniform, grey eyes, hair tucking, blush, bowtie, parted lips, blue bow, bubble tea, disposable cup, hand up, yellow vest, blue bowtie, hairstyle, fashion, short hair, bob, japanese, model, style, eye level, brown hair, brown eyes, hair over one eye, red shirt, sleeveless, cosplay, outdoors, manga, selfie, multiple girls, 2girls, striped clothes, striped shirt, hood, jacket