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Name: Maharana Pratap



Created by: pixelNinja (@pixelninja)

Created at: 2024-05-13T09:59:58.366Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:32.193Z

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Tags of content: statue, indoors, warrior, horse, spear, sculpture, history, ancient, rider, 3d model, studio lighting, man, side view, polearm, monochrome, weapon, greyscale, holding polearm, 1boy, horseback riding, holding, holding weapon, riding, male focus, solo, facial hair, simple background, mustache, hat, long sleeves, saddle, full body, boots, reins, beard, monument, inscription, outdoor, maharana pratap, haldighati, india, rajasthan, bright, sunny, 1, low, outdoors, sky, armor, tree, day, helmet, blue sky, cross, no humans, scenery