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Name: File of Dreams



Created by: axxpresley (@axiong92)

Created at: 2024-05-20T03:43:12.489Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:37.227Z

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Tags of content: painting, art, scenery, outdoor, cherry blossom, japan, temple, spring, lake, mountain, nature, serene, peaceful, beautiful, pink, natural lighting, none, wide angle, no humans, tree, cherry blossoms, east asian architecture, architecture, outdoors, petals, rock, water, reflection, pond, border, building, falling petals, flower, reflective water, man, award, city, harbor, sunny, cannes film festival, palme d'or, director, filmmaker, cinema, celebration, achievement, recognition, red carpet, natural light, wong karwai, eye level, 1boy, male focus, shirt, photo background, glasses, solo, black shirt, holding, collared shirt, smile, upper body, jacket, long sleeves, black jacket, facing viewer, black hair, open mouth, short hair, blurry background, teeth, asian, blurry, formal, suit, vest, looking at viewer, closed eyes, open clothes, gift, window, room, balcony, indoor, sakura, blossom, traditional, interior, beauty, calm, sunset, warm, indoor looking out, sliding doors, sky, tatami, cloud, cushion, shouji, indoors, sunlight, cup, bottle, day, shadow, table, branch, spring \(season\), wooden floor, buddha, snow, winter, ice, zen, meditation, buddhism, asian architecture, korean architecture, overcast, statue, traditional media, real world location