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Name: character design



Created by: DJNAGiSA (@nagisa_lys)

Created at: 2024-05-25T10:32:11.218Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:38.163Z

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Tags of content: character concept, outfit design, n/a, fashion, fantasy, character design, digital art, black dress, purple accents, long hair, gloves, boots, cloak, artificial, soft, 1 person, female, front view, side view, 1girl, green eyes, white hair, genderswap \(mtf\), fingerless gloves, thigh boots, genderswap, grey background, thighhighs, cape, hair over one eye, simple background, black footwear, high heels, dress, full body, multiple views, ahoge, black gloves, black cape, black coat, closed mouth, colored skin, humanization, coat, drawing, fan art, anime, white background, demon slayer, tanjiro kamado, kyojuro rengoku, swords, streetwear, soft lighting, two, slightly low angle, multiple boys, 2boys, weapon, sword, male focus, blonde hair, demon slayer uniform, holding weapon, holding, holding sword, scar on forehead, red eyes, red hair, multicolored hair, pants, forked eyebrows, flame print, shoes, belt, scar, knee pads, scar on face, katana, yellow eyes, adapted costume, fire, earrings, jacket, hand on own hip, jewelry, black pants, shin guards, standing, smile, looking at viewer, white belt, sneakers, long sleeves, flaming sword, flaming weapon, colored tips, streaked hair, short hair, black jacket, black hair, twitter username, kamado tanjirou, sketch, illustration, concept art, fashion design, cyberpunk, futuristic fashion, techwear, cropped hoodie, cargo pants, asymmetrical design, silver hair, blue color scheme, flat lighting, young adult, male, slight perspective, 1boy, black nails, crop top, midriff, reference sheet, hood, navel, grey hair, asymmetrical sleeves, shorts, english text, nail polish, hair ornament, hood down, blue hair, grey eyes, virtual youtuber, color guide, hoodie, figure, outfit, clothes, indoor, elegant, warrior, princess, royal, gown, soft light, woman, solo, bare shoulders, detached sleeves, see-through, faceless, breasts, toeless legwear, puffy sleeves, thigh gap, see-through sleeves, asymmetrical legwear, puffy long 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