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Name: Hanabushi Study



Created by: Ezsmo (@ezsmo)

Created at: 2024-05-29T14:11:29.374Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:33.238Z

Collection content

Tags of content: sketch, character design, fashion, rabbit, monster girl, streetwear, n/a, bunny girl, urban fantasy, creature design, concept art, illustration, line art, 1, front view, threequarter view, nail, extra arms, baseball bat, 1girl, jacket, yellow eyes, horns, club \(weapon\), weapon, multiple views, holding, open mouth, nail bat, holding baseball bat, ear piercing, shoes, full body, red nails, jewelry, long sleeves, looking at viewer, traditional media, piercing, spiked club, open jacket, sneakers, simple background, standing, long hair, earrings, blunt bangs, hatching \(texture\), pink background, open clothes, pointy ears, multicolored hair, fingernails, holding weapon, spikes, zipper, animal ears, arm up, spot color, sharp fingernails, hand on own head, smile, limited palette, puffy long sleeves, fangs, puffy sleeves, teeth, shorts, character concept art, cartoon, anime, digital art, vibrant colors, playful, energetic, nekomimi, jumping, flat, 1 girl, solo, tail, green eyes, cat tail, cat ears, grey background, green footwear, blue hair, leg warmers, black pants, pants, short hair, cat girl, midriff, multicolored footwear, green jacket, standing on one leg, leg up, v, socks, crop top, aqua footwear, drawing, indoor, manga, headphones, dynamic pose, soft light, 1 person, girl, female, full shot, thighhighs, hat, asymmetrical legwear, twintails, belt, hair between eyes, red footwear, monochrome, shirt, mismatched legwear, black thighhighs, single thighhigh, cropped jacket, figure drawing, indoors, catgirl, choker, ears, ambient lighting, woman, striped thighhighs, sitting, striped clothes, navel, short sleeves, collar, cropped shirt, black hair, yellow footwear, short shorts, denim, striped socks, blue shorts, rooftop, balcony, urban, nighttime, art, japanese, character, purple, neon, city, plants, laundry, cassette player, 90s, aesthetic, artificial, young woman, high angle, plant, potted plant, braid, barefoot, grey shirt, pink eyes, twin braids, black shorts, tiles, tile floor, leaf, shadow, chair, purple eyes, bright pupils, knee up, railing, blood, trash can, stool, white pupils, soft lighting, low angle, furry female, furry, from below, fashion design, outfit, punk, goth, skirt, boots, platform, braids, stars, sun, young adult, back view, 3/4 view, side ponytail, platform footwear, hand up, garter straps, pencil skirt, miniskirt, closed mouth, phone, y2k, chunky sneakers, cool, edgy, soft, two, duo, couple, friends, slight low angle, multiple girls, 2girls, rabbit ears, orange eyes, hand on own hip, hand on another's ear, side view, from side, 1other, profile, figure, none (plain background), feline, pose, crouched, n/a (sketch), 1 (implied), squatting, sidelocks, fang, from behind, t-shirt, two-tone hair, red hair, slit pupils, denim shorts, pink hair, none, female character, frontal view, expressions, one eye closed, fox ears, long ears, bomber jacket, peace sign, baggy clothes, 90s fashion, oversized jacket, bright lighting, imaginary character, zipper pull tab, greyscale, ringed eyes, hands, anatomy study, practice, hand focus, multiple boys, disembodied limb, male focus, 1boy, 6+boys, anthropomorphic, hands on own face, animal nose, hands up, hands on own cheeks, hair ornament, bag, hairclip, person, clothing, text, eyelevel, pokemon \(creature\), yellow jacket, character hair ornament, single leg pantyhose, upper teeth only, sleeves past wrists, table, sleeves past fingers, sleeveless shirt, bow-shaped hair, :d, sleeveless, tree, thigh strap, sharp teeth, tongue, pantyhose, high heels, iono (pokemon), artwork, painting, room, emo, black and white, artificial light, blurry, upper body, clothes writing, depth of field, indoor lighting, school uniform, chibi, serafuku, kemonomimi mode, comic, penis, furry male, speech bubble, hetero, blush, 4koma, sex toy, portrait, fanart, anime girl, colorful, vibrant, marker art, original art, japanese art, fictional character, close up, tongue out, colored inner hair, shikishi, ;p, interior, bedroom, retro, vaporwave, gaming, vintage, nostalgic, window, sunset, 80s, childhood, tv, console, games, books, shelves, ambient, window light, eye level, no humans, game controller, controller, window blinds, monitor, book, scenery, game console, bookshelf, television, gamepad, book stack, desk, keyboard \(computer\), playstation controller, cable, crt, wolf, crossed arms, hood, dog ears, body fur, wolf ears, wolf tail, wolf girl, animal hands, breasts, red eyes, cleavage, maid headdress, maid, nosebleed, blood on face, large breasts, frills, parted lips, nail polish, collarbone, solo focus, anime art, product page, buttons, price, advertisement, digital storefront, cartoon characters (animals), no real people, straighton, product showcase, colored skin, dark skin, grey skin, star \(symbol\), black shirt, fake screenshot, english text, animal ear fluff, dark-skinned female, kung fu, neko girl, closeup, pink belt, eyeshadow, pink collar, reference sheet, makeup, streaked hair, art book, graphic design, detail, texture, characters, cute, 3 girls, hair bobbles, 3girls, dress, apron, collared dress, mary janes, puffy short sleeves, knees up, short twintails, maid apron, furrowed brow, looking to the side, collared shirt, frilled apron, v arms, blush stickers, bare arms, own hands together, two side up, frown, sleeveless dress, hugging own legs, short dress, crossed legs, half-closed eyes, waist apron, bare legs, cigarette, jitome, style, trendy, stylish, fishnets, hoop earrings, off shoulder, camouflage pants, leotard, arm behind head, hair behind ear, leotard under clothes, scrunchie, hair scrunchie, fishnet top, afterimage, puff of air, white jacket, grey hair, motion lines, cropped torso, china dress, chinese clothes, double bun, hair bun, sweatdrop, bun cover, alternate costume, wrist cuffs, pelvic curtain, birds, penguins, funny, whimsical, expressive, fish, bird, logo, staff, dreamland, sword, apparel, cartoon character, front, ink \(medium\), marker, bright, zombie, stitches, heterochromia, eyepatch, stitched face, blue skin, patchwork skin, design, graphic, pink, green, black light, purple theme, celebration, hatsune miku, vocaloid, birthday, fan art, anime character, detached sleeves, very long hair, necktie, green hair, pleated skirt, headset, bare shoulders, black skirt, sack, cosmic horror, space, aliens, space station, surreal, earth's atmosphere, space exploration, extraterrestrial, science fiction, eerie, dramatic, backlit, sunset/sunrise, two alien creatures, jaggy lines, letterboxed, colored sclera, highwaisted shorts, japanese text, neon colors, playful pose, flat lighting, anthropomorphic character, traditional chinese teahouse, restaurant, teahouse, chinese style, multiple light sources, young girl with black hair styled with two buns, slight wide angle, black footwear, arms behind back, ceiling light, purple hair, ceiling, katana, japanese school uniform, sailor uniform, angry, holding sword, neckerchief, wind, sailor collar, floating hair, white shirt, wind lift, white socks, blue skirt, midriff peek, kneehighs, loafers, doodle, animal, canine, adorable, fluffy, puppy, dog, anime eyes, big eyes, all fours, hair bow, 4girls, bow, dog tail, green bow, :3, dog girl, bell, green collar, no mouth, fantasy, cyclops, oneeyed, floating, waving, hearts, happy, one-eyed, heart, youkai \(youkai watch\), japanese clothes, kimono, watercolor \(medium\), ghost tail, roller skates, roller derby, action, sports, futuristic, cyberpunk, female or gender neutral, worm's eye view, skates, inline skates, nurse cap, bandaid, nurse, looking back, pig, gun, traditional youkai, pokemon, pokemon fanart, legendary pokemon, xatu, traditional art, yes, flying sweatdrops, hug, coat, glasses, food, ramen, eating, natural, noodles, chopsticks, bowl, holding chopsticks, hair tucking, steam, sweat, sad, lonely, schoolgirl, emotion, japanese culture, cowboy shot, egirl, gamer girl, black nails, black collar, castle, sky, clouds, landscape, fantasy art, ink drawing, high contrast, wide angle, pirate hat, gloves, pirate, face, graphite \(medium\), eyelashes, elf, holographic, signature, rabbit girl, pink footwear, marker \(medium\), gallery, exhibition, sad girl, bored, flower, holding phone, cellphone, rose, white hair, smartphone, people, group, lineart, boys, teenagers, hoodie, 4boys, hands in pockets, backpack, walking, closed eyes, beanie, aged down, character illustration, poster design, cityscape, night, game, video game, two fictional characters, frontal, crescent moon, moon, round eyewear, holding book, reading, gameboy, alternative fashion, handheld game console, image, website, tshirt, online store, merchandise, digitally created, likely indoors due to the lighting, kungfu, piggy, store, online shopping, likely flash photography, characters (illustrated), rocker, platform shoes, heavy boots, attitude, rebellious, middle finger, curtains, white background, house, child, low angle view, claw pose, virtual youtuber, train interior, passengers, luggage, underwater view, train car, underwater, coral reef, tropical fish, underwater train, transportation, predominantly blue and purple, several passengers, some visible only in silhouette, slightly tilted, motor vehicle, faces, young men, frontfacing, clenched teeth, claw machine, creature, mirror, poster, kungfupiggy, カンフーピギー, ピギーワンsuper spark, お品書き, 4 characters, slight birds eye view, blonde hair, blue eyes, adventure, glowing, aerial view, man, spacecraft, hairband, star \(sky\), black jacket, sunglasses, starry sky, building, copyright name, bunny, monster, graffiti, yellow, blue, dynamic, fingerless gloves, double v, black gloves, mask, yellow shirt, stickers, tabletop, collection, otaku, fandom, women, girls, anime characters, top down, 6+girls, red jacket, 5girls, blue headwear, artist, creative, pop culture, natural light, art tools in frame, armband, white headwear, abstract, stylized background with stars, two stylized characters (one with bunny ears, the other with cat ears), slight angle, black background, fur trim, character design character illustration fashion design, one girl, front view back view 3/4 view, magical girl, transformation, ponytail, hands on own hips, tiara, cure march, children, kids, school, uniform, 3 children, wariza, ribbon, hair ribbon, gesture, anatomy, out of frame, pov, holding hands, medium breasts, cleavage cutout, clothing cutout, single hair bun, forehead jewel, 2 girls, tank top, character sheet, character exploration, poses, 1 female, goggles on head, pointing, goggles, mole, eyewear on head, mole under eye, surprised, pointing at viewer, ^^^, laughing, red skirt, knee boots, quirky, unique, original, 10 characters, syringe, pill, aqua hair, holding syringe, cross, multicolored eyes, stethoscope, mouse ears, elbow gloves, manga art, wink, single side bun, one side up, asymmetrical hair, gyaru, cardigan, kogal, cropped legs, ;d, shy, slightly above, 2boys, red dress, tail raised, leaning forward, wide-eyed, parted bangs, bob cut, forehead, looking down, action pose, sketchbook, blue pencil, ass, knife, bodysuit, dual wielding, children's illustration, sweet, cheerful, strawberry, blonde, pigtails, slight perspective, strawberry hair ornament, food-themed hair ornament, pink dress, ripped jeans, accessories, necklace, patches, patch, single pantsleg, fight scene, explosion, robot, pilot, battle, running, smoke, clenched hands, animification, chewing gum, bubble blowing, comic book, graphic novel, japan, pop art, cover art, uv light, blacklight, bird's eye view, toy, angel, wings, crowd, stairs, stylized, 4, ahoge, multiple others, orange hair, angel wings, white footwear, 2others, white wings, animal tail, kitsune, fox girl, even, 5 characters, fox tail, crown, black dress, brooch, crying, tears, upset, emotional, dim lighting, young girl, bubble, outdoor, dreamy, cloud, sheep, character concept, back, three quarter view, black headwear, torn clothes, beret, low twintails, ?, spoken question mark, sandals, hand, hand study, gesture drawing, blue hand, reaching, long fingernails, shopping, storefront, televisions, overgrown, abandoned, daytime, technology, nature, street, sunny, shadows, contrasting, multiple anime characters on tv screens, white flower, grass, outdoors, broken glass, hair over one eye, broken window, water, reflection, beach, ocean, pixel art, digital illustration, holding shoes, wading, holding footwear, blue sky, unworn shoes, cloudy sky, ripples, promotional, abstract background, digital, super spark, early days, arcade, platformer, three characters, pigs, clothed animal, animal focus, yellow background, air, battlefield, rollerskates, rocket launcher, bandages, motorcycle, bandaged arm, firing, holding gun, halloween, costumes, undefined, likely indoors, spooky, likely artificial, five characters, one child, one possibly supernatural entity, slightly low angle, sweater, drill hair, beads, turtleneck, ribbed sweater, promotion, friendship, racing, gifts, 2 female characters, gift, gift box, multiple tails, box, holding gift, very dark skin, outstretched arms, channel page, youtube, profile picture, personified pig character, censored, parody, mosaic censoring, wolves, pack, family, pups, wildlife, lying, fishnet stockings, smoking pipe, red, kiseru, sash, holding smoking pipe, obi, wide sleeves, possibly a home or studio, charming, bookworm, striped jacket, overalls, paws, diffused, slightly elevated, slippers, hakama, hakama skirt, open book, smiling, pen and ink, small breasts, head rest, game character, neck ribbon, shirt tucked in, v-shaped eyebrows, frontview, drinking glass, wine glass, cup, rollerblades, rollerblading, outer space, international space station, space suit, solar panel, spacewalk, back light, rim lighting, astronaut, space helmet, spacesuit, helmet, mechanical ears, arms at sides, fake animal ears, planet, knees together feet apart, pigeon-toed, young, looking up, no shoes, figures, visual development, narrative, bus, travel, journey, underwater world, demon girl, cat boy, orange, demon, cat person, demon horns, bowtie, original character, oc, steepled fingers, creepy, ghost, spirit, paranormal, supernatural, neon lighting, two anime characters, single horn, bulma, kitchen utensils, twin bun, ladle, holding ladle, white apron, stick, whiteboard, fat, bald, study, fire spirits, supernatural powers, gothic fashion, emo style, edgy aesthetic, manga style, anime style, young women, female characters, high-waist shorts, neko, crush, romance, teenage, love, boy, looking at another, battle scene, mech, industrial, underground, tunnel, scifi, volumetric lighting, 3, mecha, bike shorts, humanoid robot, cyborg, jumpsuit, spiky hair, text message, time, minutes, emoji, halo, ^_^, text focus, stud earrings, holding another's wrist, clenched hand, fashion illustration, studio, oversized, three quarters view, unworn eyewear, ring, hood down, lace-up boots, cross-laced footwear, slight birdseye view, kemonomimi, expression, mascot, team, black, pop, thumbs up, text_as_graphic, neon lights, song name, train, conductor, train platform, dim, elf ears, digital background, six arms, mischievous, grin, arms up, hair rings, outfit design, kawaii, ¾ view, drawing character design, front view back view, pose study, randoseru, lightning bolt symbol, purse, shoulder bag, handbag, 730a, number, numeral, digits, kanji, cover, sticker, emote, avatar, frog, butterfly, tweet, social media, holding animal, cheeky, mouth pull, finger in own mouth, indian style, music, baggy pants, platform boots, painting \(medium\), hand on headphones, confused, annoyed, sigh, tired, shrugging, see-through, black skin, winter fashion, street style, winter, scarf, maid outfit, profile (left and right), juliet sleeves, aqua eyes, straight-on, chromatic aberration, bendy, side, bent over, mythical creature, bat, glowing eyes, holding bowl, kneeling, border, hooded jacket, aquarium, 2023, artbook, neck bell, jingle bell, cat paws, paw gloves, sleeveless sweater, paw pose, freckles, 2, hair flower, eye patch, cat girls, maid outfits, two girls, two tails, enmaided, extra ears, nekomata, kaenbyou rin, chat log, chinese dress, traditional clothing, three girls, bamboo steamer, baozi, 4 people, 1 boy, medium hair, sweater vest, mansion, hallway, worried, scared, concerned, dark, young boy, anime coloring, covering own mouth, hand over own mouth, black border, circle cut, green background, pink-tinted eyewear, tinted eyewear, memory, nostalgia, loneliness, nature reclaiming, dystopian, glitch art, backlighting, from the ground, sign, orange background, striped shirt, @_@, bra strap, bug, insect, text bubble, transparent background, evenly lit, spoken heart, geometric, gamer, blue background, handheld video game, game boy, yellow sclera, pink skin, prosthetic leg, prosthesis, mechanical legs, goku, dragon ball, wip, work in progress, spiked hair, dougi, close-up, son goku, emblem, blurry background, spring onion, green bowtie, black eyes, holding vegetable, vegetable, bear, running adventure video game shadow sunset silhouette, outdoors ancient ruins bridge, sonic sonic the hedgehog tails, sunset backlighting warm, low angle wide angle, silhouette, hand on own face, hand on own cheek, camisole, head tilt, other focus, androgynous, horizontal pupils, yukata (japanese summer kimono), innocence, diffused lighting, yukata, zouri, none (blank background), cassette tape, 90s aesthetic, grunge, none (sketch), slight threequarter view, can, screen, grayscale, digital painting, software, interface, blunt ends, facial hair, splatoon, inkling, spray paint, nintendo, ink tank \(splatoon\), tentacle hair, paint splatter, super soaker, paint, splattershot \(splatoon\), inkling girl, character design 3d model anime/manga style, n/a (plain background), even lighting, no strong shadows, slight threequarter view for side poses straighton for front and back, turnaround, gradient hair, character design cartoon illustration concept art, baby, side view front view 3/4 view, color guide, oni, fictional, exaggerated, surprised expression, blue line art, student, pet, ride, daylight, riding, snake, facial expression, comic style, 1 female character, pink eyeshadow, video game console, game cartridge, entertainment, slight high angle, bowls, linear hatching, diagram, chart, muscle, strength, human body, fitness, health, evaluation, assessment, scale, flexing, arrow \(symbol\), american flag, katakana, romaji, asian, font, typography, brand, branding, company, business, product, service, horse, animation, bridle, pillbox hat, horse ears, reins, seats, anime girls, train ride, minimal shading, sleeping, unknown, ipad, digitally lit, valentine, heart-shaped box, capelet, fewer digits, roller blades, autograph, dated, wavy mouth, tpose, model sheet, low key, air conditioner, cat, computer, lamp, camera, coffee cup, pen, mug, error message, art supplies, office, motion graphics, creators, mouse \(computer\), caution tape, paper, cd, tape, fighting stance, fantasy character, zettai ryouiki, game screenshot, machinery, two small characters, animal on head, holding cat, on head, futon, snot, bicycle, bottomless, ass focus, movement, jump, striped pantyhose, character_design, playful expression, hand on hip, serving tray, tray, holding tray, fishing, fail, humor, topdown view, cats, ..., raccoon ears, raccoon tail, spoken ellipsis, raccoon, one, bold, glow, futuristic fashion, bunny ears, selfie, vaporwave aesthetic, one person, sparkle, glitch, introverted, thinking, thoughtful, contemplative, sketch character design concept art, catgirl headphones cassette tape music anime manga japanese, color trace, watermark, facial expressions, headshot, 1 girl (same character with different expressions), slight upview, holding controller, split-color hair, fight, boxing gloves, casual, feet out of frame, mouth hold, tapestry, contemporary, wide shot, abstract background with japanese text, one female character, plate, yellow border, purple background, concert poster, musical performance, animals playing music, stylized stage or urban setting, implied by textural elements, punk rock, band, concert, animals, alternative, gig poster, blacklight poster, dramatic spotlights implied by high contrast and black background, two stylized pigs, one with dark fur and the other with light fur, dynamic and exaggerated poses, guitar, instrument, electric guitar, holding instrument, musical note, singing, eighth note, action poses, storyboard, dynamic poses, conflict, storytelling, sequential art, linework, men, baseball cap, solid color background, one character shown in various poses, straight on, arms behind head, pink nails, game cover art, crowdfunding campaign, goal reached, crouching, holding strap, winter clothes, pinup, character name, pencil, natural lighting, :o, expressionless, nude, crawling, drawing comic strip, girl monster, trembling, dragon, nervous sweating, yellow hair, slice of life, bus stop, apartment building, missed connection, misunderstanding, communication, city life, daily routine, anthropomorphic animal, varied, medium shot, talking, 1 character + 1 mini character, fox, no issues, leash, astronaut suit, exaggerated proportions, bubblegum, unworn headwear, unworn hat, holding hat, holding clothes, new year, eyeliner, happy new year, animal costume, grassy field, trees, nap, 1 person (character), slight aerial view, paw shoes, on stomach, jumping pose, w, tareme, sailor shirt, red neckerchief, ice skates, red cross, drawing illustration text, 1 person woman, anime/manga style, home setting, sailor fuku, fox girls, sibling rivalry, daily life, three female characters, school bag, game screen, status bars, digital world, rpg, party, several characters, penguin, animal head, suit, boss fight, cave, player, enemies, purple headwear, hand in pocket, formal, two characters, :p, cartoon characters, two boys, breath, young man, zutomayo, popup store, illuminated, photo background, purple scarf, headphones around neck, purple hoodie, brown hair, male figure, watch, wristwatch, muscular, muscular male, long limbs, woman or girl, slightly high angle, confident, masks, weapons, swords, mouth mask, pikachu, poke ball, poke ball \(basic\), caps, jackets, |_|, open shirt, no, blushing, embarrassed, whiskers, yawning, broom, sketch drawing figure, girl female, group portrait, japanese pop culture, 3 characters, synthwave, back lit, bottle, four arms, purple skin, ruins, 4 girls, white, cone hair bun, jiangshi, qingdai guanmao, ofuda, crosshatching, classroom, wistful, daydreaming, adolescence, afternoon, pinafore dress, school desk, school chair, straight hair, red ribbon, airplane, military airplane, fighter jet, flight formation, airshow, military, aviation, cloudy, overcast, no people, aircraft, jet, military vehicle, flying, vehicle focus, twintail, cafe, bags under eyes, drinking, +_+, washing machine, laundry room, everyday life, tile wall, laundry basket, clothesline, nipples, biker, slight aerial perspective, motorcycle helmet, goggles on headwear, scooter, cartoon art, gray background, alien, rave, front lighting, purple socks, visual arts, graphic art, bff, best friends forever, two people, pink theme, indoors studio, short over long sleeves, torn pantyhose, furry art, 1 cartoon character, hime cut, null, determined, sepia, group of people, 5 people, multiple perspectives, finger on lips, shushing, index finger raised, tokyo, tower, cyber, street level, silly, fighting, halftone, sailor suit, frustrated, death, gore, violence, crib, horror, tragic, backlight, blood splatter, heart in mouth, snack, schoolgirls, bonding, star hair ornament, space station exterior, cosmic, sunlight, two alien astronauts, earth \(planet\), demon tail, black sclera, scream, yelling, shouting, colored pencil \(medium\), armor, delivery, riding scooter, digital lighting, front view and back view, antenna hair, 3 people, varia suit, assault visor, window shade, light particles, leaning back, light rays, soda can, holding game controller, gothic, lolita, umbrella, parasol, key, bonnet, holding umbrella, cap, drawstring, bracelet, snout, traditional, low, okobo, eye, eye focus, eye reflection, long skirt, male, blueprint, wires, control panel, spaceship, spaceship interior, diffuse, character art, catgirl character, flat chest, cat teaser, human, line, body, slight aerial, spread legs, flexible, split, tiptoes, 1 person (3 different poses), pointing up, doorway, clinic, neon sign, n/a solid color background, pink ears, expression sheet, depicted multiple times with different expressions, slight upangle, character remains consistent, buns, quad tails, star earrings, thick eyebrows, top hat, amanogawa kirara, toddler, children's book illustration, male underwear, underwear, japanese folklore, yokai, footwear, dance, bulky shoes, harajuku, japanese fashion, frilled dress, character turnaround, character model sheet, blazer, rear view, blue jacket, mario, yoshi, carrying, pokemon on head, street scene, urban life, leisure, evening, city street, benches, neon signs, street food, japanese city, warm sunset, cool neon, two humanoid figures with animal ears and tails, bench, shopping bag, hands on own chest, back bow, future, few, looking out window, grumpy, roller skate, studio lighting, front and side view, white dress, white thighhighs, music video, mv, day, water bottle, panty pull, panties, undressing, earring, bored expression, covered collarbone, nike, jordan, sportswear, top, still life, chain, photorealistic, art student, casual style, k-pop, red headwear, plaid, video game art, urban cityscape at night, two animestyle characters, one-piece swimsuit, on side, streetwear fashion, urban fashion, manga girl, pole dancing, pole, stripper pole, holding pole, lowkey, facial mark, drawing tablet, eraser, monster girls, hairstyle, classroom setting, overhead, one male character, thought bubble, slight bird's eye view, notice lines, !, brown footwear, braided ponytail, single braid, alternate hairstyle, hair over shoulder, classmates, 2 boys, bowl cut, pink skirt, loose socks, pink blood, pink sweater, plaid skirt, scythe, pink bow, injury, despair, sadness, struggle, loss, rubble, rocks, crystals, debris, impactful, tragedy, light beams, spotlight, injured character (possibly deceased), pose reference, plain background, chunky boots, playful poses, just line art, 1 girl (appearing in multiple poses), mostly straighton views of the character, stretching, stage, show, flipped hair, lei lei, drawfest, mika pikazo, hanabushi, lyrics, sweating, nervous, shocked, girl girl, on back, fingers, rollerskating, medical, 1 (same character in two different poses), slight worm's eye view, warm, boys love, retro artstyle, performance, rock, bassist, vocalist, microphone, hair horns, twin drills, flowers, postapocalyptic, dappled light, motorbike, possibly at night, two anime girls in maid outfits, wall, neon art, chinese characters, knee pads, apathetic, female student, excited, 2 people, vest, nightlife, cyberpunk fashion, neon aesthetic, expressive eyes, zombie pose, gen z, 2 women, adjusting eyewear, floral print, red-tinted eyewear, 1 girl in 4 different poses, fire, sketch drawing illustration anime, bathroom, brushing teeth, toothbrush, sink, holding toothbrush, bar, bar counter, confident pose, frontal view with slight angle, armpits, secret, laying down, slight birdseye, oversized object, head wings, print pantyhose, bat print, animal print, bat wings, bridal gauntlets, morrigan aensland, production, film, red streaks, graphic tee, mischievous expression, :<, arm support, amusement park, amusement park ride, night city, subtitled, black choker, city lights, puppet, strings, doll, large eyes, colored pencil, pantyhose under shorts, print shirt, garden, museum, urban art, contemporary art, medical equipment, chu chu, syringe gun, one character in two poses, tshirt design, sneaker design, magazine, collaboration, preorder, ambient light, album cover, machine, pods, tubes, liquid, ball, >_<, fruit, character expressions, 1 girl character, 1 tiny character, fetal position, manga page, comic strip, exterior, semi-rimless eyewear, under-rim eyewear, carousel, magical, abandoned carousel, overgrown ruins, nature taking over, ethereal, dappled sunlight, pillar, pacifier, claws, lgbt, lesbian, back-to-back, game cover, promotional art, comic book panel, possibly a living room or studio, announcement, possibly from studio lights, four animestyle characters, three girls and one boy, modern, activewear, holding ball, fantasy girl, elf girl, invisible chair, qipao, 3 women, 3d model, 3d, low poly, game asset, possibly three point lighting, mainly isometric, flat color, yuri, kiss, sitting on person, sitting on lap, bra, futuristic vehicle, city view, digital screens, aerial, futuristic transportation, detailed, 2 passengers, wideangle, splatoon 2, octoling, witch hat, broom riding, /h4>sketch, storyboard<h4>, /h4>interior<h4>, /h4>storyboard, circular window<h4>, /h4><h4>, /h4>from above<h4>, gas mask, respirator, single sock, manga character, text (japanese), mandarake, complex, anniversary, retailer, event, possibly neon or digital, anime/manga girl, character design fashion design concept art, front view back view threequarter view, and side view, highleg, covered navel, morning routine, hygiene, looking into a mirror, clock, blurry foreground, holding food, black lab, realistic, dark-skinned male, energy, athletic, kick, dynamic perspective, see-through sleeves, signatures, messages, overhead light, artist (not visible), mask pull, on railing, head, yellow hairband, model, genderswap, genderswap \(mtf\), lab coat, genderswap \(otf\), bunny hat, open sketchbook, hand holding sketchbook, kemono, photo \(object\), album, hip hop, rap, silver, child's drawing, girl reading in a washing machine, cozy, clothes pin, flip-flops, red flower, electrical outlet, crocs, pink outfit, piercings, finger hearts, y2k aesthetic, tongue piercing, tattoo, innocent, facing away, urban scene, street art, convenience store, closed store, cyberpunk aesthetic, night vibes, sneakers culture, alley, road, purple shirt, motion, tv screens, surveillance, lollipop, holding candy, candy, holding lollipop, girl reading, relaxing, retro aesthetic, retro anime, 90s anime, comfy, kicking, military uniform, portraiture, minimalism, animal feet, holding plate, zine, anthro, top down view, one eye covered, wand, panels, dialogue, train station, smoking, rural, anticipation, resignation, waiting, streetlights, dutch angle, black clothes, single glove, half gloves, sai, martial arts, ninja, neutral gray background, digitally rendered, no clear light source, possibly flat lighting, 1 female character depicted in four different poses, slight foreshortening in some poses, generally straighton view, action girl, comic art, two women, japanese art style, circle, round image, triangle, anger, beard, mature male, simple drawing, game ui, status bar, health bar, name, level, hp, mp, actions, jrpg, menu, conversation, school life, students, teacher, silent comic, turnaround sheet, tablet computer, doujinshi, comic market, selfpublishing, print media, android, brown background, comic book art, superheroes, captain america, marvel, avengers, superhero, steve rogers, from the left, shield, mustache, drinks, tatami floor, after school, hangout, snack time, 4 teenage girls, hand fan, anime drawing, teenager, 2 variations (same character), slight side profile, two anime girls, ligne claire, foreshortening, upside-down, falling, neon light, 3 cartoon characters (2 girls, 1 cat), car, night sky, drooling, distorted, mirrored, comics, banner, convention center, convention, booth, sale, overhead fluorescent, in the background, slightly low, looking up at the table, poster \(object\), cardboard box, white shorts, anime boy, vending machine, steps, group of friends, sitting on stairs, pink scarf, holding camera, brick wall, blue hoodie, warrior, aztec, mythology, creatures, goddess, concept, mexico, ancient, jaguar, eagle, creature and personification, holding staff, pokedex number, personification, sunset lighting, low viewpoint, rain, rainy, raincoat, transparent, fun, maids, three anime characters, two girls one boy, 1990s \(style\), holding bag, pink hairband, petticoat, holding poke ball, wristband, oster, andarake, rulers of time, 12th anniversary, oman, grafitti, atmospheric, partially fingerless gloves, tail wagging, basket, clothes around waist, hair dryer, hair, hands on own knees, rifle, pleading, eye level palette: #f8e8de #776e87 #e1d0d4 #dbd5e4 #e2d1c3, yokozuwari, relax, cabbie hat, pillow, soldier, load bearing vest, camouflage, height difference, bulletproof vest, creepy cute, heart earrings, goggles around neck, youth, 1 creature, skyscraper, crosswalk, videogames, snacks, break time, punk girl, fishnet, subculture, stage lighting, open hand, dual persona, saliva, green dress, display, hare, figurine, vhs tape, writing, label, vhs, video cassette, handwriting, dancing, audience, musicians, drum, fashionable, exhibit, shallow depth of field, illustrations, slight, animal hat, pov hands, outing, orange-tinted eyewear, white skirt, grey skirt, marker drawing, me, chill, butterfly brooch, entrance, calm, peaceful, serene, summer, beach vibes, futuristic city, art marker, splatoon 3, shiver, frye (splatoon), deep cut, idol, shark girl, looking ahead, line work, comic books, selfpublished, otaku culture, 2 hands (one person), videogame, sniper rifle, grey jacket, elastigirl, helen parr, the incredibles, pixar, domino mask, thigh boots, cashier, retail, mother, tenderness, nico robin, acrylic stand, badge, anime style art, kungfupiggy one, collectibles, three animestyle characters (two female, one male), slight upwards angle, minimalist, wall art, anime aesthetic, angled, futuristic clothing, white gloves, snow, ice, mountains, lanterns, lights, cold, lantern, snowing, drawing process, inking, first person, holding pencil, screenshot, power, impact, black tshirt, 2 anime girls, mysterious, suspenseful, single light source, through the eye, interlocked fingers, fishnet thighhighs, winter clothing, n/a (likely a plain background in the original image), multiple angles, purple hues, eyelevel with the girl, directional, evil smile, smirk, evil grin, [sketch, drawing], [indoor], [anime, friendship], [artificial, indoor], [2 girls, friends], [standing eye level], fork, third eye, red gloves, cake, holding fork, blue nails, bright neon, arms crossed, pig demon, tracksuit, barbed wire bat, pastel goth, mirror selfie, teeth brushing, faucet, digital space, phone case, oversized shirt, set, variation, bunnygirl, moonlight, two femalepresenting characters, one with catlike features, the other with rabbitlike features, television show, scene, grabbing, grabbing another's breast, brown gloves, sharpie, yellow dress, chef, bread, oven, kitchen, girl chef, eating bread, chef hat, food on face, seiza, onigiri, :t, puffy cheeks, koopa troopa, super mario, art practice, pencil drawing, various, pastel, multicolored nails, blue shirt, black ribbon, suspenders, suspender skirt, x hair ornament, blue footwear, yellow bow, purple bow, blue bow, yellow nails, hair tie, ame-chan (needy girl overdose), fine art, bw, snowball fight, crying with eyes open, anime sketch, autographed drawing, ["text", "drawing", "illustration"], [], ["anime", "manga", "character design"], ["woman"], buildings, signs, shops, linear perspective, shop, sea, dusk, community, young adults, crossover, reflective floor, anime cover, not applicable, dvd, toei, video game adaptation, driland, group of cartoon characters, mostly children, slightly from below, everyone, brown eyes, display case, toys, commercial, crowded, striped panties, bow panties, upskirt, pantyshot, teamwork, slightly from above, figurative, dramatic lighting, full moon, underwater scene, submersible, ocean depths, deep ocean, deep sea, underwater lighting, catlike creature, looking up at the submersible, air bubble, bed, blanket, sleep, relaxation, intimate, personal, solitude, nightlight (possibly from a phone), firstperson, feetfirst, lying down, feet, toes, under covers, foot focus, soles, giant, finger, green shorts, surprise kiss, interior design, laboratory, window view, from a window, grey pants, lab, looking in through window, green headwear, facing viewer, animal ear headwear, looking in, control room, technological, cramped, voyeuristic, through window, comfortable, dream, train cabin, sleeping berth, firstperson perspective, 1 (partially visible), pointofview (from foot of the bed), toenails, timestamp, possibly a small apartment or dorm, night life, insomnia, photo, damaged submarine, underwater exploration, danger, cool tones, single light source from above, slightly below the subjects, 2d illustration, fantasy creature, eye contact, water (implied), interaction, underwater (implied), sunset or sunrise (warm tones)