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Created by: shepbal (@shepbal)

Created at: 2024-06-03T16:40:26.909Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:39.815Z

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Tags of content: portrait, indoors, warm soft, man, eye level, realistic, black hair, asian, 1boy, male focus, shirt, black eyes, blurry, white shirt, short hair, blurry background, closed mouth, nose, photorealistic, reference inset, looking to the side, upper body, lips, asian man, yellow jacket, white tshirt, pouty face, indoor lighting, solo, jacket, hood, artist name, person, indoor, male, young adult, closeup, red shirt, bright, artificial light, parted lips, depth of field, teeth, 1 person, text, logo, surprise, shocked, celebrity, brand, balenciaga, tshirt, 1 man, open mouth, black shirt, looking at viewer, korean text, solo focus, headshot, office, handsome, young, trendy, stylish, professional, natural light, soft light, one person, necktie, collared shirt, black necktie, brown jacket, smiling, green shirt, casual, soft lighting, smile, brown eyes, grey background, actor, fanmeeting, microphone, public event, bright vachirawit chivaaree, thai actor, 2gether: the series, f4 thailand: boys over flowers, astro stuffs, flash photography, bright vachirawit, eyelevel, holding microphone, holding, hoodie, thai, fansign, white jacket, open clothes, open jacket, fashion, studio, leather jacket, model, artificial, young man, leather, sitting, own hands together, black jacket, long sleeves, pants, 2 people, bright natural light, 2 asian men, multiple boys, 2boys, watch, short sleeves, window, badge, wristwatch, buttons, breast pocket, pink shirt, soft, side view, hand up, close up, attractive, looking at camera, happy, blue shirt, thailand, cute, emotion, drama, bedroom, youth, tension, conflict, intimacy, vulnerability, warm, two young men, mole, bright lighting, signature, dated, curtain, selfie, hairstyle, lowkey, jewelry, necklace, simple background, couch, relaxed, sleeves rolled up, teenager, outdoors, schoolyard, daytime, slightly overcast, day, photo, outdoor, sunny, beach, love, couple, playful, hair, hand, summer, vacation, boy, closed eyes, looking at another, studio lighting, room, side part, night, curtains, city lights, zipper, grin, entertainment, blue background, real life insert, hug from behind, hug, track jacket, bottle, pink jacket, holding bottle, traditional media, water bottle, phone, bed, pillow, worried, phone call, serious, concerned, bedroom scene, dim, holding phone, cellphone, talking on phone, boylove, bl, thai drama, 2, reflection, aqua shirt, mirror, public space, expression, leaf, black vest, vest, dressing another, adjusting clothes, adjusting necktie, child, likely a classroom, my school president, episode 3, gmm25, viu, likely artificial, a young man with short black hair and brown eyes, english text, bright background, brown hair, green jacket, bangs, fang, bow, hair ornament, hair bow, polo shirt, hairclip, pink bow, striped shirt, striped clothes, tiedye, youthful, contemplative, serene, heart, meme, fake screenshot, parody, expressive, close-up, staring, school uniform, collar, student, uniform, gesture, hand gesture, thinking, listening, classroom, school, contemplation, education, adolescence, school life, from side, profile, glasses, black-framed eyewear, expressionless, sunlight, yellow shirt, talking, t-shirt, funny face, squinting, hand in own hair, adult, suit, friendship, duo, two men, arm around shoulder, arm around neck