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Name: armor



Created by: rose123 (@rose)

Created at: 2024-06-04T16:29:38.649Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:41.122Z

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Tags of content: armor, gauntlets, metal, steel, history, medieval, museum, display case, medieval armor, museum exhibit, historical artifacts, steel gloves, indoor, artificial, eyelevel, no humans, still life, helmet, people, none, studio lighting, knight, eye level palette: #525252 #747474 #a0a0a0 #b9b9b9 #d5d5d5, solo, white background, simple background, male focus, 1boy, horned helmet, full armor, helm, portrait, from side, fake horns, upper body, character, skull, warrior, soldier, n/a, fantasy, historical, blue, silver, ornate, detail, closeup, soft light, man, profile, side view, shoulder armor, pauldrons, breastplate, grey background, realistic, blue eyes, plate armor, sketch, drawing, concept art, fantasy armor, multiple views, long hair, teeth, dragon, 1other, ambiguous gender, signature, monochrome, copyright name, wings, sharp teeth, english text, greyscale, open mouth, character concept art, female knight, full body, woman, sword, detailed, intricate, standing, powerful, weapon, protective gear, soft lighting, 1 person, front view, 1girl, vambraces, faulds, belt, sheath, facing viewer, cowboy shot, arms at sides, gloves, pants, sculpture, indoors, knight's helmet, decorative, no people, gradient background, angel, angel knight, angelic warrior, dark fantasy, ambient, 1, art, headdress, braids, feathers, jewelry, determined, strong, holding weapon, holding, holding sword, horns, braid, looking at viewer, necklace, fur trim, red hair, gun, closed mouth, collarbone, holding gun, horned headwear, facial tattoo, battle, protection, visor \(armor\), transparent background, multiple boys, 6+boys, medieval helmet, war, vintage, engraving, illustration, design, set, collection, icon, dark souls, low angle, shield, holding shield, photo, fashion, black and white, elegant, dramatic, plume, parted lips, lips, covered eyes, female warrior, spear, fantasy setting, n/a (plain background), character design, digital art, female character, one female (fictional), slight low angle, polearm, person, chainmail, costume, craftsmanship, reenactment, adult, artist name, armor design, dual wielding, holding polearm, wide sleeves, boots, gold, historic, artifact, metalwork, traditional media, armored boots, pelvic curtain, torso, suit of armor, handcrafted, eye level, butterfly, monarch butterfly, bug, grey hair, orange eyes, eyelashes, character portrait, dark background, video game, redhead, profile view, winged helmet, black background, scar, prosthesis, malenia blade of miquella, sheathed, cape, studio, valkyrie, norse, mythology, fierce, red cape, prosthetic arm, fantasy character, red pants, helmets, combat, front, side, unworn headwear, hat, black headwear, gas mask, futuristic, postapocalyptic, scifi, hammer, tool, badge, side profile, mask, reference inset, orange jacket, cable, science fiction, jacket, ancient, close up, metallic, lizard, mechanical helmet, hood, hood down, nail polish, hoodie, blue nails, tassel, aqua nails, makeup, flower, hand up, bird, beak, plague doctor, plague doctor helmet, bird mask, dark, concept design, textured, weathered, soft, spikes, knight helmet, steel helmet, historical helmet, creature, creature design, medieval fantasy, 2, museum (possible), texture, studio lighting (likely), knight (implied), headwear, antique, historical armor, 3d model, studio background, 3d rendering, intricate design, dramatic lighting, black hair, pointy ears, covered mouth, scarf, turtleneck, gorget, indoors outdoors, over shoulder, fantasy art, digital painting, front lighting, twin braids, grey eyes, blonde hair, hand on own hip, brown hair, multiple others, female armor, sculpted armor, metal sculpture, spotlight, blurry, blurry background, solo focus, cyberpunk, high angle, outdoors, sky, female, intricate detail, women, slightly low, breasts, dress, streetwear, modern, juxtaposition, shoes, sneakers, hands in pockets, green hoodie, white pants, drawstring, long sleeves, from above, weapon on back, warrior woman, ornate helmet, profile portrait, demon, concept artist, glowing eyes, glowing, red eyes, expressions, historical artifact, museum object, slightly below, armour, replica, action, fighting, spot light, fingerless gloves, white hair, yellow eyes, isolated, diagram, sovereign, peers, baronets, knights, esquires, gentlemen, castle, ruins, natural lighting, waist cape, greaves, low angle view, painting, elmet, craft, culture, engraved, equipment, european, fighter, gilded, head, heritage, military, object, old, protective, security, traditional, brown background, suit, warfare, aircraft, airplane, vehicle focus, jet, military vehicle, statue, nude, candle, armours, metal gloves, cosplay, claws, mace, stars, magic, one person, sparkle, blue ribbon, gothic, spotlit, chain, video game art, final fantasy xiv, ffxiv, mmo, mmorpg, square enix, top view, 3/4 view, copyright notice, concept, smoke, steam, mecha, robot, line art, ink drawing, diffused, axe, holding axe, moon, food, crescent moon, horror, chainsaw man, pochita, denji, anime, manga, bloody, necktie, chainsaw, black necktie, shirt, blood, collared shirt, white shirt, blood on clothes, blood on weapon, facing to the side, denji (chainsaw man), flat, brown pants, blue hair, pendant, outdoor, sunny, renaissance, chivalry, window, red, purple, diffuse lighting, battle ready, heraldry, even, frontal, slightly elevated, frontfacing, dated, photograph, fan art, final fantasy 14, estinien wrighbryda, elezen, dragoon, animal ears, viera, rabbit ears, weibo logo, weibo username, turtleneck sweater, medium hair, headpiece, spot color, looking to the side, etching, baroque, crown, decorative art, heraldic, crest, emblem, symbol, monster, tentacles, dungeon, archway, dimly lit, shadowy, ambient light, background, headgear, none (white background), fantasy helmet, knightly order, slightly above, 3 knights (depicted through helmets), slight upangle, cyborg, japanese clothes, kimono, humanoid robot, helmeted, leotard, hand on own chest, feathered helmet, red jewel, low camera angle, threequarter view, skirt, white skirt, pleated skirt, drawing character concept art, fantasy warrior robot companion swords mask green white, bright, one person male, knife, arm blade, dagger, thigh boots, bow, thighhighs, game art, red ribbon, ribbon, clenched hand, cross, hand in pocket, red footwear, black pants, weapon over shoulder, character illustration, abstract elements, watercolor, white, highlights on armor, cropped legs, ascot, fantasy illustration, stylized, blue cape, digital lighting, black footwear, glowing eye, black hoodie, bow and arrow, magical girl, bow \(weapon\), arrow \(projectile\), holding bow \(weapon\), white dress, null, shorts, blue hoodie, white footwear, knight warrior, single gauntlet, rpg, very long hair, bracelet, golden armor, 1 (one character), gold armor, gem, masked, daggers, frontal view, holding dagger, holding knife, neutral, white jacket, staff, armored warrior, celestial being, golden wings, white armor, wand, swords, shiny, retro artstyle, pose, armored woman, own hands together, fake wings, angelic, holy, divine, protector, battleready, majestic, halo, damaged, blue scarf, torn clothes, slightly low angle, hair bow, red bow, 1 (female), armored dress, fight, samurai, straw hat, katana, japan, burlap, ronin, hakama, blue hakama, hakama skirt, covered face, white kimono, eagle, green bow, bowtie, battle axe, single horn, shoulder spikes, cloak, heroic, holding clothes, red gemstone, display, reflection, spot lighting, slightly offcenter, photo background, smile, lowkey lighting, head out of frame, arch, pillar, tattoo, black and grey, realism, head wings, knight's armor, steel armor, engraved armor, red background, orange background, ruins (implied), silver armor, detailed armor, directional, closed eyes, ponytail, artificial light, watermark, blueprint, red theme, grey, embossed, portraits, close-up, short hair, black armor, mole, romantic, love, couple, romantic fantasy, fairy tale, hug, facial mark, multiple girls, 2girls, stone walls, black knight, halberd, gothic architecture, natural light, shadows, floral, garden, flowers, heart, tree, nature, palette: #fdfcf7, #97857c, #3d3935, #7a6d63, #d5cbc2, video game character, 3d render, warm lighting, 1 female, single mechanical arm, mechanical arms, fur-trimmed cape, artwork, mechanical, beautiful, gears, dark skin, hair ribbon, field, joust, two knights, riding, 2others, sitting, 2boys, multiple perspectives, lance, family, contrast, society, cloudy, overcast, family of four, mother, father, child, baby, wristwatch, watch, formal, cup, bag, carrying, cloud, black suit, business suit, 3boys, disposable cup, black jacket, drinking straw, cloudy sky, handbag, short sleeves, back view, reference sheet, shadow, brown footwear, single pauldron, brown gloves, straight-on, battle damage, battlehardened, gritty, brutal, intimidating, chiaroscuro, lowkey, forest, sunlight, day, red and silver, tutorial, steps, pauldron, shading, highlights, details, top, strong female character, digital illustration, young woman, midriff, navel, crop top, twintails, battle gear, angled, renaissance fair, flag, depth of field, post apocalyptic, dystopian, rusty, fabric, dirty, winter, snowy, snow, hand on hilt, bare tree, blue and gold, natural, male, posing, clouds, trees, grass, hillside, landscape, daytime, looking up, blue sky, neutral lighting, 1 character, multiple views of the same character, velvet, battleworn, moody, torn cape, painting \(object\), medieval knights, seven knights, pouch, mount, city, birds, saddle, horse, animal, reins, horseback riding, full shot, gloomy, interior, possibly dungeon, transformation, body horror, darkness, evil, single light source (likely above and slightly behind the figure), 1 (knight, partially obscured by monstrous elements), low, slightly tilted upwards, clenched hands, capelet, from behind, asian culture, historical portrait, asian armor, chinese warrior, female general, black eyes, character concept, full body armor, hero, fantasy knight, armored, topdown, belt pouch, white gloves, fur collar, bone, tribal, looking back, dreadlocks, spine, tank top, bare shoulders, back, fanart, cathedral, bloodborne, the hunter, fromsoftware, soulsborne, stained glass, volumetric lighting, hunter, coat, walking, tricorne, web address, patreon logo, patreon username, saw, brown coat, mouth mask, hunter (bloodborne), 8 knights, trident, gladiator, roman, black gloves, menacing, torn, ottoman, turkish, suit of armour, exhibit, although the armor depicts a person, army, soldiers, warriors, mountains, mountainous, fantasy army, armored soldiers, epic scene, pointed helmets, mist, atmospheric, high contrast, natural (possibly from a break in the clouds), backlighting, multiple (army), looking up at the figures, fog, scenery, arena, coliseum, warm, footwear, leg, shoe, rivets, ground, gravel, path, wall, building, leg armor, medieval times, looking down, photorealistic, desert, japanese armor, muddy ground, planted, planted sword, animal on shoulder, painting \(medium\), faux traditional media, technology, green eyes, border, hand, fist, hand sculpture, clenched fist, silver arm, clothing, plain background, 1600s, commander, cavalry, pallasch, artificial lighting, puffy sleeves, scabbard, figurine, collectible, brown belt, brown scarf, buckle, surcoat, rifle, legs, exhibition, past, swordsman, paladin, rmor, visor, rerebrace, couter, vambrace, gauntlet, cuirass, fauld, tasset, cuisse, poleyn, greave, sabatons, ront view, slight up, fish, animal focus, night, epic, power, mystery, silhouette, butterfly wings, abstract, black, ethereal, insect wings, antennae, hood up, elf ears, white cape, elf, hairband, strong woman, red skirt, angel warrior, hair between eyes, body armor, metal armor, battlefield, skulls, bones, death, grim, corpse, indoor lighting, tabard, turnaround, cleavage, medium breasts, white border, twitter username, lake, sword over shoulder, confident, large breasts, watercraft, game asset, cgi, 3d, blade, render, hilt, grip, variations, antique sword, rapier, historical weapon, guard, pommel, facing away, standing pose, crow, all fours, male character, blue and white, hat feather, two-sided fabric, high heels, process, slight upview, cleavage cutout, clothing cutout, knee pads, buttons, sword behind back, double-breasted, full figure, banner, fantasy weapon, black and white background, thigh strap, whip, digimon \(creature\), two-tone background, o-ring, holding whip, pink dress, grim reaper, scythe, strong lighting, holding scythe, sickle, covered navel, rain, lightning, dragon knight, heavy armor, standing on one leg, short shorts, off shoulder, leg up, slightly angled, spearman, warrior priest, holy warrior, cave, soulslike, elden ring, single light source, sharp, fantasy sword, unsheathing, game, handle, leather, outfit, simple, plain, toplit, white outfit, desert warrior, top lit, pink hair, fire, science fantasy, abstract background, spiked armor, red sword, powerful female, gothic fantasy, brave, courageous, insect, arm behind back, woman warrior, slight angle, crossed arms, kabuto \(helmet\), kusazuri, ghosts, spirits, mystical, watery, highcontrast, ethereal glow, feathered hat, detailed clothing, aerial, intricate armor, floral details, spectacles, gladiator helmet, penis, action pose, flowing fabric, dynamic, detached sleeves, veil, mouth veil, armpits, arm up, dark-skinned female, puffy pants, purple hair, warrior of light (ff14), dual wielding spears, spears, prop, dark souls 2, for sale, etsy, blue background, underboob, huge weapon, earrings, greatsword, multicolored hair, skindentation, leg tattoo, 1 woman, japanese clothing, dynamic pose, sandals, dark-skinned male, fingernails, honor, courage, helmet design, weapon concept, armor set, melee, violence, stormy, muddy, storm, spotlighting, multiple soldiers engaged in battle, ground level, red dress, chains, moonstone, brooch, pin, accessory, bohemian, gypsy, ethnic, top down, weaponry, horn, kw:history, kw:europe, kw:military, kw:costume, kw:illustration, kw:vintage, 8, tunic, top lighting, black cape, mythical, butterflies, blue butterfly, painterly, desolate, wasteland, raven, insectthemed armor, long sword, beetle, snowy mountains, viking, barbarian, nordic, cold, studio backdrop, character concept art illustration fantasy, shell, spiky, photo inset, architecture, sash, circlet, plate, food focus, green hair, low ponytail, high heel boots, cross-laced footwear, knee boots, leather boots, multiple views (front, closeup), flail, larp, medieval gauntlets, steel gauntlets, armored gauntlets, dragon gauntlets, cosplay armor, larp armor, medieval weaponry, medieval knight, warrior gear, girl, swordswoman, white headwear, frilled sleeves, frills, puffy long sleeves, glove, armored glove, a silver letter opener with a rose design, laying on top of an antique letter and envelope, a woman in a dress, top down view, map, facial hair, topless male, young man, ¾ view