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Created by: vsprtn (@thevespertineonline)

Created at: 2024-06-10T19:14:13.725Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:45.058Z

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Tags of content: 3d rendering, architectural design, interior design, abstract structure, modern architecture, futuristic architecture, interior, architecture, design, structure, abstract, modern, futuristic, rendering, 3d, artificial light, shadows, light and shadow, none, wideangle, no humans, monochrome, sunlight, shadow, sketch, scenery, greyscale, outdoors, jewelry, necklace, body jewelry, fashion, style, indoor, spine necklace, vertebrae necklace, silver necklace, statement jewelry, gothic jewelry, edgy jewelry, unique jewelry, handmade jewelry, designer jewelry, studio lighting, woman, closeup, traditional media, brown background, bug, close-up, simple background, legs, feet, dancewear, leotard, tights, apparel, clothing, studio, dance tights, footless tights, stirrup tights, ballet tights, warmup tights, soft lighting, front view, solo, thighhighs, 1girl, black thighhighs, toeless legwear, grey background, lower body, shorts, standing, black shorts, person, ear cuff, accessory, silver, metal, edgy, statement piece, punk, gothic, ear, cartilage, detail, model, side view, black hair, long hair, realistic, portrait, blurry, photorealistic, lips, tongue, smile, teeth, hands, lipstick, manicure, nails, indoors, beauty, dental, cosmetic, healthcare, selfcare, smile makeover, teeth whitening, artificial, bright, women, fingernails, hand focus, belt, corset, white, leather, garment, eyelevel, underwear, armor, light, art, wall light, home decor, illumination, illuminated, eye focus, 3d render, surreal, landscape, pink, sunset, palm trees, pool, ambient lighting, no people, wide angle, giant, palm tree, tree, 1other, sky, cloud, costume, fantasy, intricate, detailed, warrior, bodice, soft, natural, breasts, upper body, dark skin, spine, mechanical parts, dark-skinned female, building, sculpture, trees, bushes, house, exterior, organic architecture, biomorphic, minimalist, eye level, window, door, bush, plant, body art, avantgarde, fashion design, body modification, conceptual, dark, monochromatic, thorns, ribcage, dramatic, ribs, head out of frame, bone, short hair, skirt, photograph, bodysuit, cutout, gloves, black, long sleeve, 1 person, male focus, androgynous, 1boy, fingerless gloves, clothing cutout, elbow gloves, armpits, highleg, hand on own head, pants, hand on own hip, detached sleeves, bare shoulders, form, high angle, still life, plate, table, character, action, weapon, minimal, anime, manga, mecha, cyborg, jump, spear, dynamic, high key, soft light, female, young adult, low angle, animal ears, white hair, polearm, holding, holding weapon, cat ears, lance, holding polearm, full body, white theme, robot, extra ears, looking at viewer, joints, green eyes, back, metallic, black and white, rear view, black background, from behind, facing away, 1, gray model kit, gray model figure, plastic model kit, unassembled model kit, unpainted model kit, female robot, bright lighting, 0, humanoid robot, science fiction, helmet, robot joints, 3d model, miniature, sustainable living, model making, ecofriendly, green city, urban design, green architecture, vertical garden, biophilic design, bird's eye view, letterboxed, octopus woman, cephalopod, humanoid, closed eyes, facing viewer, closed mouth, horns, people, lighting, light installation, immersive, experience, beams, silhouettes, geometric, patterns, spot lights, crowd, silhouette, light rays, constellation, piercing, tattoo, contemporary jewelry, fashion photography, portrait photography, alternative model, hair bun, single hair bun, blue eyes, earrings, facial mark, metallic top, halter top, silver top, crop top, sexy top, party top, clubwear, y2k fashion, streetwear, outfit, trendy, black pants, brown hair, medium breasts, cowboy shot, arms at sides, figure, human body, gold, contemporary art, figurative art, female form, vulnerability, strength, transformation, pain, isolation, nude, gradient background, squatting, monster, tail, sitting, ass, long nails, claw nails, black gloves, sharp fingernails, claws, long fingernails, out of frame, long sleeves, black nails, sleeves past wrists, outdoor, nature, organic, pavilion, glowing, night, curves, dusk, blue sky, road, day, hand, fingers, stiletto nails, nail art, acrylic nails, silver nails, edgy nails, statement nails, gothic nails, fashion accessories, spaceship, stairs, museum, exhibit, technology, natural light, shirt, white shirt, brown pants, mini person, barefoot, reflection, leaning forward, shoes, socks, ghost, halloween, platform shoes, ghost shoes, halloween fashion, kawaii fashion, pastel goth, purple shoes, novelty shoes, back view, white socks, purple footwear, loose socks, platform footwear, beard jewelry, alternative fashion, cyberpunk, unique, man, gag, gagged, very short hair, asian, black eyes, bald, buzz cut, sleeveless, vest, footwear, high heels, stylish, elegant, digital art, low angle view, pantyhose, tentacles, selfie, cybergoth, headphones, glasses, makeup, aesthetic, grey hair, silver hair, dyed hair, choker, nail polish, black choker, open mouth, grey eyes, marble, statue, body, drapery, classical, elegance, human, arms up, see-through silhouette, dress, modern art, abstract sculpture, minimalism, gray sculpture, pokemon \(creature\), shop, entrance, urban, city, street, bubblegum, storefront, retail, group, multiple boys, real world location, multiple girls, sunny day, dry, desert, flowers, pastel, plants, colorful, whimsical, flower, mushroom, grass, mountain, tile wall, tiles, from side, mask, headwear, crown, mythical, queen, fantasy armor, front, 3d printed, artist name, skin tight, black bodysuit, spider web print, ear piercing, helix piercing, silver jewelry, shaved head, profile, chain, wood, candle holder, craft, decoration, handmade, wooden, blurry background, depth of field, playground, park, bubbles, clouds, fun, play, childhood, imagination, daylight, sunny, cloudy sky, shoe, stiletto, glamorous, black footwear, stiletto heels, boot, cosplay, portal, portal 2, android, boots, prop, replica, high heel boots, white footwear, foot focus, crack, angel, wings, mythology, heaven, grace, sadness, grief, sorrow, mourning, stone, feathered wings, angel wings, robe, white wings, face, masquerade, blue, velvet, colored skin, blue skin, veil, nipples, pubic hair, navel, female pubic hair, completely nude, flat chest, flaccid, penis, testicles, sword, holding sword, uncensored, lying, on side, sleeping, fine art parody, dirty feet, dirty, water, lake, soles, toes, cup, chair, armchair, large breasts, holding cup, teacup, small breasts, undressing, pussy, photo background, swimsuit, loli, censored, male pubic hair, wand, reading, pornography, facial hair, magazine \(object\), book, meme, parody, chest hair, open book, holding book, what, on back, dark-skinned male, 2boys, hetero, yaoi, pectorals, blur censor, on chair, muscular, mustache, topless male, fat, on bed, bed, fat man, male underwear, old man, small penis, 2girls, orange hair, yuri, rock, arm up, ring, outstretched arms, spread arms, mosaic censoring, stool, foreskin, staff, toned, bara, muscular male, abs, holding staff, toned male, on one knee, planted sword, planted, arm support, mug, tongue out, baseball cap, hat, ponytail, fighting stance, katana, convenient censoring, reclining, knee up, scar, pointing, pillow, straddling, female masturbation, excessive pubic hair, masturbation, photo, male, athletic, pose, physique, art reference, muscles, briefs, armpit hair, black male underwear, faux traditional media, stomach, thighs, sideburns, crossed arms, beard, cane, blonde hair, arms behind head, looking up, from below, red hair, drinking, manly, hands on own hips, crossed legs, breasts apart, painterly, multicolored hair, canvas \(object\), indian style, all fours, kneeling, curly hair, knees up, old, milk, book stack, head rest, brown eyes, arm behind head, fundoshi, own hands together, waterfall, forest, nudist, plump, cum, belly, mature male, wading, nose, river, wet, navel piercing, blood, topless, bent over, bracelet, hanging breasts, leaning back, head back, arched back, baby, latex gloves, alternative, hand accessories, leg, tech, robot legs, robot feet, futuristic footwear, scifi tech, advanced robotics, worm's eye view