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Name: justice



Created by: Orange Sago Cream (@orangesagocream)

Created at: 2024-06-19T07:16:26.214Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:08:48.593Z

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Tags of content: note, drawing, inventory, goals, popo, bright, straight on, no humans, english text, pokemon \(creature\), solo, open mouth, n/a, bw, black and white, monster girl, tired, laying down, chibi, 1 girl, front, 1girl, lying, on stomach, white background, simple background, blonde hair, twintails, ahoge, full body, white skin, closed eyes, long hair, closed mouth, orange shirt, brown hair, purple eyes, sketch, anime, portrait, fantasy, horns, monochrome, artificial light, woman, side view, headshot, halo, hair ornament, looking at viewer, hairclip, spot color, glowing, glowing eyes, fur trim, looking back, coat, multiple horns, profile, demon horns, white hair, fur-trimmed coat, upper body, parted bangs, from behind, blurry, hina (blue archive), illustration, character, surreal, abstract, fantastical, black outfit, ethereal, girl, female, close up, letterboxed, black coat, fur collar, indoors, eye level, breasts, animal ears, blue eyes, large breasts, pink hair, cleavage, animal ear fluff, goggles on head, goggles, claw pose, pink nails, fangs, hat, multicolored hair, pink background, smile, cat ears, black headwear, bare shoulders, white shorts, shorts, nail polish, ascot, jacket, virtual youtuber, streaked hair, tail, hair between eyes, cat girl, anime girl, surprised, shocked, exclamation marks, digital art, cute, colorful, yellow, orange, black, white, soft lighting, low angle, !, hair through headwear, two-tone hair, hood, !!, neckerchief, black hair, bandaid, warning sign, long sleeves, outline, cosplay, character illustration, abstract background, digital lighting soft lighting on the character dramatic lighting on the background, 1 female anime character, frontal view, red hair, red eyes, jewelry, earrings, fire, hand on own hip, gloves, blue fire, black gloves, hand on own chest, dress, red nails, character name, white dress, belt, very long hair, see-through cleavage, detached sleeves, artwork, manga, indoor, wine glass, drinking, smiling, winking, armor, throne, queen, princess, cup, drinking glass, one eye closed, holding, holding cup, wine, couch, alcohol, fan art, group, vtuber, hololive, hololive english, council, fauna ceres, tsukumo sana, nanashi mumei, hakos baelz, ouro kronii, artificial, women, frontal, fingerless gloves, multiple girls, tongue out, tongue, pink eyes, v, green eyes, 4girls, yellow jacket, grey hair, short hair, blush, star \(symbol\), character concept art, outfit design, weapon design, video game character, sword, red and white, 1 female, back, side, reference sheet, weapon, multiple views, high heels, wings, thighhighs, black footwear, elbow gloves, single thighhigh, standing, studio, 1 person, off shoulder, character design, character sheet, anime character, hoodie, boots, flat lighting, fictional character, front view, back view, striped thighhighs, black shorts, orange hair, striped clothes, asymmetrical legwear, turnaround, yellow eyes, open shirt, holding can, heart, shirt, can, white shirt, hair intakes, collared shirt, short shorts, fang, cowboy shot, dolphin shorts, button gap, thighs, dress shirt, skin fang, cat tail, :d, tiger ears, extra ears, tiger girl, fanart, genshin impact, collei, tighnari, dori, 4, slight low angle, bird, teeth, green hair, selfie, man, hand gesture, home, casual, playful, asian, youthful, brown shirt, warm, young man, eyelevel, closeup, realistic, 1boy, male focus, black eyes, bookshelf, t-shirt, photorealistic, hand over face, figure drawing, action, dynamic pose, dynamic, struggle, fight, monster, creature, 2, slight foreshortening, greyscale, motion blur, fighting stance, demon slayer, dramatic lighting, man with sword, dynamic perspective, haori, japanese clothes, multiple boys, demon slayer uniform, bamboo, gag, pink kimono, 2boys, kimono, katana, scar on forehead, food, scar on face, bit gag, ribbon, scar, hair ribbon, holding weapon, pants, fruit, holding sword, wide sleeves, plate, sash, water, floating hair, ponytail, mouth hold, pink ribbon, gagged, tomioka giyuu, text, logo, cute girl, orange aesthetic, soft light, copyright name, copyright notice, card, official alternate costume, accessories, weapons, pink and white, thigh highs, video game, concept art, 3/4 view, leotard, white thighhighs, dragon tail, thigh strap, white footwear, sitting, wariza, partially fingerless gloves, cleavage cutout, sleeveless shirt, sleeveless, hand up, clothing cutout, stuffed toy, ring, orange background, yellow hoodie, vibrant, hood up, sharp teeth, animal hood, female character, singer, musician, microphone, performance, entertainment, music notes, singing, music, fantasy costume, musical note, colored inner hair, microphone stand, single glove, blue hair, fashion design, fantasy character, rpg, green, gold, musical, violin, 1, green dress, bow, flower, green bow, rose, frills, skirt, back bow, green skirt, red flower, red rose, braid, crown, red ascot, happy, pointy ears, hearts, gg, short twintails, character portrait, game art, null, gears, steampunk, green background, argyle background, detached collar, red outfit, sitting pose, open clothes, high heel boots, medium breasts, bedroom, sleeping, plushie, stickers, zzz, ass