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Name: shiba



Created by: Orange Sago Cream (@orangesagocream)

Created at: 2024-07-08T10:38:04.804Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:09:00.389Z

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Tags of content: character concept art, fantasy, dark fantasy, warrior, female character, stylized background, abstract, anime, manga, digital art, concept art, gothic, dark, sword, wings, chain, black and red, dramatic lighting, lowkey, 1 female, full body, slight low angle, 1girl, red eyes, black hair, weapon, holding, dress, solo, holding weapon, multicolored hair, black dress, red hair, hair over one eye, polearm, smile, detached sleeves, looking at viewer, bare shoulders, black footwear, black wings, holding sword, black background, holding polearm, fur trim, drawing, illustration, character design, one person, action pose, floral, flowers, leaves, plants, nature, magical girl, battle, spear, horns, long hair, blonde, action, power, bright, vibrant, dynamic, warm, woman, girl, female, frontal, white dress, dragon horns, blonde hair, staff, holding staff, open clothes, ahoge, jacket, dragon tail, dragon girl, tail, black jacket, flower, open jacket, infection monitor \(arknights\), flame-tipped tail, black pantyhose, pantyhose, breasts, long sleeves, very long hair, fire, women, dresses, clock, clocks, portal, magic, indoors, ethereal, time mage, fantasy character, sorceress, magic user, clockwork, artificial, 2, eye level, white background, multiple views, standing, braid, long dress, 2girls, simple background, brown hair, veil, blue dress, white headwear, multiple girls, gloves, reference inset, long skirt, closed mouth, hat, twin braids, jewelry, shoes, animal ears, grey hair, grey background, armor, shadow, animal ear fluff, gauntlets, yellow eyes, hair between eyes, boots, breastplate, thighhighs, leaning forward, cape, planted, sheath, greaves, armored boots, open mouth, character, fan art, digital illustration, mask, kimono, feathers, monochrome, intricate details, elegant, dynamic pose, soft lighting, 1 person, dynamic perspective, black flower, hair ornament, hair flower, white hair, black rose, black nails, katana, bird, high heels, white footwear, coat, photo inset, short hair, personification, white gloves, high heel boots, white coat, short hair with long locks, sidelocks, shirt, fur-trimmed coat, bottle, drink, beverage, gin, alcohol, brand, product, packaging, advertisement, design, indoor, studio, brooklyn gin, anime girl, samurai, blue, brown, soft, natural, fighter, pants, brown footwear, blue eyes, brown belt, belt, blue pants, crop top, ponytail, midriff, brown gloves, sleeveless shirt, white shirt, wavy hair, sheathed, sleeveless, bow, off shoulder, necklace, hand up, outdoors, decorative archway, abstract background, ornate armor, long coat, crown, flowing hair, fantasy character design, gold accents, male, frontal view, black coat, ascot, black headwear, 1boy, male focus, hand on own hip, skeleton, gold trim, black belt, n/a, scythe, demon, studio lighting, 2 anime characters, front view, holding scythe, spikes, black gloves, red gloves, black pants, over shoulder, earrings, full body portrait, character illustration, anime style, beach, cat ears, black outfit, beach umbrella, beach chair, ornate, sunny, slightly low angle, umbrella, navel, large breasts, sandals, twintails, water, skirt, swimsuit, fingerless gloves, ball, braids, ornate clothing, white, red, pattern, young woman, full shot, frills, tassel, frilled dress, layered dress, fantasy art, none, rock crystal, vase, intricate, goddess, flowing, harp, musical instrument, halo, translucent, fictional character, instrument, toeless legwear, barefoot, puffy sleeves, holding instrument, wolf ears, shorts, black vest, blue shorts, wolf girl, vest, pantyhose under shorts, black cape, blue gloves, wolf tail, dual wielding, texas the omertosa (arknights), pen, outdoor, fashion, beautiful, art, natural lighting, 1, elbow gloves, smoking pipe, shawl, holding smoking pipe, see-through, outfit, detailed, colored inner hair, aqua eyes, lantern, aqua hair, blue hair, wizard, robe, covered eyes, queen, royal, gown, candle, flat lighting, wide sleeves, blue coat, blue cape, grunge, female protagonist, intricate clothing, blades, chains, gothic fashion, dramatic, spotlit, some shadows, pink hair, pink eyes, pelvic curtain, mechanical arms, black thighhighs, garter straps, male character, elaborate costume, potion, painterly, alchemist, potion master, black capelet, capelet, grey eyes, pose, grayscale, low angle, whale, full figure, weapon over shoulder, sword over shoulder, clothing cutout, fox ears, puffy long sleeves, sketch, whisky, inspired by, diffused, skirt hold, hairband, standing on one leg, black hairband, studio background, silver, black, nun, religious, powerful, eyelevel, candlestand, husky, rifle, furry, anthropomorphic, soft light, gun, sniper rifle, holding gun, coat on shoulders, grey pants, streaked hair, bunny hat, cross, black and white, dark background, 1 girl, white thighhighs, female warrior, demon girl, twintailed, elaborate armor, blue and white, swords, detailed illustration, subtle shadows, 1 (appears to be two but is likely one figure with a mirrored design), colored skin, thigh boots, blue skin, blue thighhighs, extra arms, two-tone hair, video game art, ribbons, white ascot, white skirt, ribbon, chair, throne, ruler, spotlight, slightly below, red dress, axe, holding axe, character concept, snow leopard, animal, decorative, winter, cold, young man, leopard ears, leopard tail, leopard girl, qr code, video game character, torn clothes, fashion design, moon, stars, black horns, man, collared shirt, white jacket, monkey, forest, jungle, tribal, dark skin, thigh strap, black shorts, dark-skinned female, skull, animal skull, futuristic, robot, cyborg, mechanical, front lighting, mechanical legs, headgear, brown eyes, official alternate costume, full shotpalette: #000000 #ffffff #404040 #808080 #ff0000, hood, sitting, clothing, game character, feathered wings, low wings, floral elements, oni, from above, japanese clothes, sarashi, floral print, hakama, black hakama, chest sarashi, nighttime, urban fantasy, kitsune, steampunk, green dress, fox tail, hair bun, swordswoman, gothic lolita, anime character, animal theme, shark theme, shark, hairclip, zipper, medium hair, grey thighhighs, fur-trimmed jacket, open coat, sleeves past wrists, fish, tentacles, military uniform, confident, green hair, black skirt, cleavage, choker, black choker, green thighhighs, jacket on shoulders, peaked cap, necktie, cross-laced footwear, decoration, video game, artificial light, x hair ornament, purple hair, purple eyes, sneakers