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Created by: Mangodraws64 (@mangodraws64)

Parent collection: my img collection # 336

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Created at: 2024-05-28T02:03:58.388Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T15:24:32.146Z

Image content

Content: suggestive

People: 1 girl

Environment: indoors

Lighting: bright

Perspective: frontal


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WDTagged Character:

WDTagged Tags: dark skin, dark-skinned female, 1girl, chibi, long hair, boots, yellow eyes, hair flaps, thigh boots, o-ring, shorts, braid, open mouth, breasts, smile, o-ring top, looking at viewer, single braid, black hair, fang, very long hair, shirt, medium breasts, thighhighs, multiple views, slit pupils, english text, black footwear, yellow background, short shorts, cover, teeth, hair between eyes, :d