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Source: Calcharo/Gallery | Wuthering Waves Wiki | Fandom


Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

Parent collection: wuthering waves calcharo

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Created at: 2024-06-07T19:51:41.436Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T23:42:25.604Z

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Environment: n/a

Lighting: soft lighting

Perspective: profile view


What is in the image: he image shows a profile view portrait of a male anime character. the character has long, white hair with blue streaks and sharp blue eyes. he has a determined expression on his face.

WDTagged Character:

WDTagged Tags: 1boy, male focus, solo, long hair, blue eyes, looking back, armor, parted lips, shoulder armor, looking at viewer, transparent background, white hair, portrait, simple background, white background, grey hair, profile, from behind, upper body, jacket