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Created by: Orange Sago Cream (@orangesagocream)

Parent collection: shiba

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Created at: 2024-07-08T10:45:00.570Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T17:00:36.476Z

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People: 1 female

Environment: n/a

Lighting: soft light

Perspective: slight low angle

Keywords: knight armor sword wolf ears tail silver hair

What is in the image: the image showcases a female character concept design, likely for a game or animation. she's adorned in ornate silver and teal armor, wielding a large sword. wolflike ears peek out from her silver hair, and a fluffy tail extends from her back, hinting at a fantastical, perhaps werewolfinspired, origin. the character strikes a confident pose, suggesting strength and agility. the artwork utilizes a muted palette of greys and blues, creating a cool and somewhat melancholic atmosphere.

WDTagged Character:

WDTagged Tags: weapon, sword, 1girl, animal ears, grey hair, grey background, solo, armor, fur trim, reference inset, holding, standing, tail, simple background, holding weapon, shadow, animal ear fluff, full body, gauntlets, yellow eyes, hair between eyes, holding sword, boots, breastplate, looking at viewer, thighhighs, leaning forward, cape, gloves, planted, sheath, greaves, armored boots, open mouth, bare shoulders