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Created by: RedcXca (@redcxca)

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Created at: 2024-04-21T05:23:42.780Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T10:52:25.001Z

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Content: urban, night, anime, characters, interaction

People: two girls, one in school uniform, one in cyberpunk style

Environment: urban alleyway, posters and graffiti, wet pavement, dimly lit




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WDTagged Tags: multiple girls, 2girls, black hair, jacket, school uniform, red eyes, gloves, long hair, shirt, shorts, serafuku, looking at another, fingerless gloves, alley, sailor collar, short hair, red neckerchief, black sailor collar, denim, neckerchief, crop top, black gloves, white shirt, black jacket, long sleeves, midriff, black shirt, open clothes, blood, denim shorts, outdoors, blood on face, kabedon, eye contact, belt, city, open jacket, breasts, green jacket, short shorts, closed mouth, black serafuku, cropped shirt, height difference, building, ponytail, crossed arms, yuri, jewelry, cropped jacket, blurry, medium breasts