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a man with blue hair is wearing a black militarystyle



Source: 速写班长

Tags: figure drawing

Created by: solosis (@solosis)

Parent collection: Clothed Figures

Parent folder

Created at: 2024-03-29T00:04:03.431Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T03:52:47.309Z

Image content

Content: photo

People: man, adult, male

Environment: indoor, studio

Lighting: artificial, bright

Perspective: eye level

Keywords: uniform, gun, blue hair, black suit, asian

What is in the image: a man with blue hair is wearing a black militarystyle

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WDTagged Tags: weapon, gun, solo, holding, hat, holding weapon, holding gun, 1boy, weibo username, male focus, pants, weibo logo, uniform, full body, short hair, military hat, black footwear, black pants, black necktie, blue hair, black headwear, jacket, long sleeves, handgun, military uniform, boots, black jacket, necktie, belt, cross-laced footwear, military, collared shirt, shirt, shadow, peaked cap, simple background, grey background, police, white background, buckle, standing, black belt, fighting stance, buttons, pocket, watermark, closed mouth, legs apart