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Source: EtheringtonBrothers on X: "Our feature tutorial/artist for today is on DIGITAL PAINTING ENVIRONMENTS by the talented @takumerhomma! So useful! #howtodraw #drawingtutorial #conceptart #gamedev #animationdev #gameart #tutorial #indiegame #comicart #characterdesign #animation #storyboard #gamedevelopment" / X

Tags: rendering, values, exterior

Created by: Pythoticus (@pythoticusbingle)

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Created at: 2024-03-27T18:10:29.132Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T03:16:31.903Z

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Keywords: : [ "tonal value", "shapes", "textures" ] }]```

What is in the image: this image is a tutorial on drawing using tonal values to depict shapes, lighting, and perspective. each of the four panels shows a different step in the process, starting with identifying simple shapes with a minimum tonal value range, and gradually adding more detail and color. the tutorial emphasizes the importance of understanding form and light in creating a realistic drawing. the bottom of the image provides suggestions for applying textures, including manual methods, using photos, 3d, custom brushes, and shapes.

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