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use for creating fun characters

Name: hazbin hotel character ref

Description: use for creating fun characters

Source: reddit

Tags: eyes, clothes, hair, body, color pallete, skin patterns

Created by: huskerdust (@cosmicartist)

Parent collection: character ref

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Created at: 2024-04-05T16:53:17.519Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T08:52:44.203Z

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Keywords: : [ "grunge", "aesthetic", "clothes", "egirl", "kawaii", "pastel" ] }]``````

What is in the image: a collage of drawings, each showcasing a different fashion aesthetic. outfits range from grunge and egirl to kawaii and pastel. ```

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WDTagged Tags: overalls, denim, fashion, pantyhose, shorts, dress, skirt, shirt, plaid, 1girl, clothing cutout, jacket, blue overalls, sketch, black shirt, long sleeves, sweater