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Created by: RedcXca (@redcxca)

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Created at: 2024-05-12T18:49:41.888Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T13:16:27.899Z

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Content: drawing, illustration, cartoon, anime

People: flandre scarlet (touhou project), female

Environment: indoor

Lighting: soft

Perspective: eye level

Keywords: vampire, loli, wings, red eyes, blonde hair, red dress, blood, bat, cute, happy

What is in the image:

WDTagged Character: flandre scarlet

WDTagged Tags: 1girl, hat, blonde hair, mob cap, red eyes, wings, ascot, pointy ears, short sleeves, closed eyes, blush, crystal, skirt, white headwear, open mouth, vest, bow, simple background, fang, puffy sleeves, multiple views, puffy short sleeves, red bow, yellow ascot, red vest, wrist cuffs, grey background, red skirt, frills, one side up, shirt, sitting, hat ribbon, ribbon, red ribbon, hat bow, skirt set, white shirt, hair between eyes, medium hair, back bow, biting, frilled skirt, finger in another's mouth