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a blonde anime girl with fox




Tags: บ่า, ไหล่, แขน, มือ, หัว, ผม, เท้าก, ขาก

Created by: b4 (@benzsui)

Parent collection: ทุกส่วน

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Created at: 2024-07-04T07:23:15.576Z

Updated at: 2024-07-16T17:40:36.279Z

Image content

Content: fighting, dominance

People: woman, man

Environment: outdoors, forest

Lighting: bright, sunny

Perspective: side view

Keywords: anime, girl, boy, kneeling

What is in the image: a blonde anime girl with fox

WDTagged Character:

WDTagged Tags: 1girl, 1boy, fingerless gloves, blonde hair, long hair, gloves, outdoors, dress, white dress, forest, nature, on one knee, black gloves, pantyhose, black hair, all fours, boots, bare shoulders, black pants, topless male, bush, blue eyes, tree, pants, black pantyhose, sleeveless, day, sleeveless dress, very long hair