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Created by: Ezsmo (@ezsmo)

Parent collection: Yoneyama Mai Art

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Created at: 2024-05-31T04:14:44.274Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T20:00:39.450Z

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Keywords: : [ "kiznaiver", "katsuhira", "agata", "classmates", "members", "summer", "boys", "girls" ] }]

What is in the image: a digital illustration features a young girl with wide eyes, bright clothing, and a joyful expression. she has long, vibrant orange hair styled with pigtails that have yellow accents. her bright purple eyes are large and captivating, reflecting her joyful expression. her attire is a playful mix of a black dress with white accents, a colorful necklace with oversized beads, and a green frogshaped bag. she is posed against a backdrop of stylized notebook paper with colorful scribbles, further emphasizing the playful and energetic tone of the illustration. the text "kiznaiver" is prominently displayed in bold, capitalized letters, indicating the title of a show or game. a brief synopsis is provided, introducing "katsuhira agata" and his classmates who are chosen as "kiznaiver" members. the text hints at a summer story involving a group of boys and girls who share each other's wounds, suggesting themes of friendship, empathy, and shared experiences. ```

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WDTagged Tags: 1girl, solo, open mouth, twintails, ahoge, purple eyes, smile, multicolored hair, blonde hair, :d, outstretched arms, looking at viewer, short sleeves, hair bow, bow, candy, white background, hair ornament, dress, long hair, shirt, white shirt, streaked hair, teeth, food, collared shirt, heart, spread arms, cover, two-tone hair, black dress, simple background, ribbon, orange hair