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use for creating fun characters

Name: hazbin hotel character ref

Description: use for creating fun characters

Source: reddit

Tags: eyes, clothes, hair, body, color pallete, skin patterns

Created by: huskerdust (@cosmicartist)

Parent collection: character ref

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Created at: 2024-04-05T16:53:16.303Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T08:52:37.602Z

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Keywords: outfit inspiration fashion design digital art streetwear feminine

What is in the image: the image showcases six different stylish outfit ideas for women, drawn in a digital illustration style. each outfit features a unique combination of tops, bottoms, and accessories, ranging from casual streetwear to more feminine and chic looks. the color palette leans towards warm tones with pops of black and white.

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WDTagged Tags: skirt, thighhighs, pants, dress, breasts, fishnets, shirt, black shirt, cleavage, jewelry, choker, plaid skirt, dark skin, dark-skinned female, plaid, orange skirt, crop top, orange shirt, 1girl, medium breasts, denim, long sleeves, short sleeves, jeans, necklace, simple background, cropped legs, white dress, fashion, bracelet, zettai ryouiki, shirt tucked in, high-waist skirt, camisole, belt, sweater, yellow background, pantyhose, sleeveless, fishnet thighhighs