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Source: Pinterest

Tags: แว่น, ตา, ปาก

Created by: b4 (@benzsui)

Parent collection: ทุกส่วน

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Created at: 2024-06-26T06:23:52.561Z

Updated at: 2024-07-15T11:14:14.105Z

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Environment: ndoors

Lighting: oft light

Perspective: loseup palette: #262325 #306998 #d9d7d7 #746c6e #2f2a2c


What is in the image: the image shows a closeup of an anime boy with short, messy black hair and greenframed glasses. he is smiling slyly, with his mouth slightly open. the boy is wearing a black shirt with a white collar. the background is blurry and suggests an indoor setting, likely a classroom. the lighting is soft and highlights the character's features.

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WDTagged Tags: solo, 1boy, glasses, male focus, school uniform, smile, black hair, gakuran, open mouth, looking at viewer, green-framed eyewear, semi-rimless eyewear, portrait, under-rim eyewear