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Created by: rose123 (@rose)

Parent collection: armour

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Created at: 2024-06-04T16:37:10.929Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T22:58:23.099Z

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Environment: indoors studio

Lighting: studio lighting

Perspective: closeup


What is in the image: a digital illustration featuring the profile of a male figure adorned in ornate, dark fantasyinspired armor. the armor, likely crafted with a dragon theme in mind, boasts intricate details and a helmet that partially obscures the character's face. the most striking feature of this helmet is the prominent, curved horns that jut out from either side, resembling those of a dragon. a glimpse of the character's reddish hair is visible beneath the helmet, and his mouth is slightly agape, suggesting a gasp or a cry. the overall ambiance of the image leans towards a dark and dramatic atmosphere, further emphasized by the character's intense gaze and the armor's menacing design.

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WDTagged Tags: armor, 1boy, male focus, solo, helmet, red hair, open mouth, from side, simple background, fake horns, signature, horns, upper body, shoulder armor, grey background, pauldrons, profile, horned helmet, short hair, black armor, breastplate, white background, teeth, mole, covered eyes