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Tags: manga, cover

Created by: UrbaN_ (@urbans_)

Parent collection: My Hero Academia

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Created at: 2024-05-10T09:13:05.663Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T13:02:56.708Z

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WDTagged Character: midoriya izuku

WDTagged Tags: freckles, green hair, multiple boys, horns, blonde hair, barcode, manga cover, cover, gloves, teeth, magazine cover, clenched hand, black hair, single horn, open mouth, short hair, carrying, red eyes, green eyes, scarf, cape, text focus, long hair, sanpaku, 1girl, fake cover, white hair, covered face, clenched hands, clenched teeth, cover page, white gloves, v-shaped eyebrows, mask, 6+boys, smile, covered mouth, red cape, looking at viewer, yellow cape, sideways glance, bandages, black mask, facial hair, 5boys, princess carry, grin, bodysuit, fur trim, profile, spiked hair, red gloves, bright pupils, eye mask, black outline, artist name, pants, dress, furrowed brow, upper teeth only, bandaged leg, blank eyes, glasses, numbered, stubble, copyright name, hands up, outstretched arm, text background, hand up, white pupils, sideways mouth, superhero, red scarf, barefoot, looking at another, floating hair, carrying person, shirt, scar, yellow horns, grey hair, scar on face, pixiv id, mouth mask, knee pads, jacket, angry, short eyebrows