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Created by: solosis (@solosis)

Parent collection: Clothed Figures

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Created at: 2024-03-29T00:12:36.418Z

Updated at: 2024-07-08T03:58:21.300Z

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Content: man, costume, fox

People: 1

Environment: indoor

Lighting: studio lighting

Perspective: eyelevel

Keywords: fox, cosplay, costume, animal, ears, tail, makeup, green

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WDTagged Tags: 1boy, male focus, tail, animal ears, solo, black hair, fox ears, looking at viewer, fox tail, paw pose, chair, black pants, kneeling, full body, pants, multicolored hair, coat, short hair, fox boy, ascot, white ascot, grey background, smile, long sleeves, weibo username, looking back, weibo logo