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Name: calcharo 20240607



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Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

Tags of content: 1boy, male focus, solo, long hair, blue eyes, looking back, armor, parted lips, shoulder armor, looking at viewer, transparent background, white hair, portrait, simple background, white background, grey hair, profile, from behind, upper body, jacket, action, battle, fight, fantasy, character design, dynamic pose, cityscape, ruins, debris, night, moonlight, sword fight, anime, manga, digital art, fantasy art, action scene, supernatural powers, dramatic, high contrast, backlighting, glowing effects, electric, warrior, fighter, swordsman, antagonist, low angle shot, dynamic angle, closeup, weapon, sword, holding, holding weapon, holding sword, boots, 1girl, gloves, electricity, lightning, sky, building, from below, black gloves, black footwear, belt, glowing weapon, pants, cloud, glowing, cloudy sky, outdoors, standing, bare shoulders, very long hair, full body, glowing sword, black pants, character illustration, video game, night sky, calcharo, genshin impact, electro, fantasy character, video game art, man, frontal, 2boys, multiple boys, parted bangs, closed mouth, long sleeves, back-to-back, facial mark, man in armor, man in a robe, concept art, indoors, dark, robe, blue, black, silver, white, front lighting, 2, eye level, bodysuit, arm up, black bodysuit, muscular, copyright name, clenched hand, character, indoor / studio, game character, male, samurai, studio light, 1 person, rear view, tassel, earrings, grey eyes, katana, jewelry, sheath, magical energy, ruined building, night scene, full moon, mountains, magic, dark fantasy, dramatic lighting, magical glow, two, low angle, moon, polearm, topless male, abs, castle, holding polearm, black hair, cosplay, river, shirtless, rocks, stream, flowing water, natural light, rock, pectorals, hakama, water, japanese clothes, nipples, muscular male, short hair, snow, toned male, toned

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Created at: 2024-06-07T19:55:06.812Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:52.012Z

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