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Name: Color


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Created by: Pythoticus (@pythoticusbingle)

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Created at: 2024-03-27T16:15:25.897Z

Updated at: 2024-07-16T07:04:03.169Z

Tags of content: rendering, color, water, painting, instructions, indoors, artificial, topdown, english text, no humans, comic, ocean, text focus, illustration, glow effect, tutorial, saturation, glowing, shadow, lighting effect, anime character, tattoo, jewelry, blonde hair, ring, earrings, medium hair, tank top, cross earrings, arm tattoo, cross, neck tattoo, white tank top, purple eyes, chest tattoo, multiple girls, multiple boys, shirt, 2girls, meme, pink hair, white background, parted lips, green hair, multicolored hair, short hair, piercing, food, digital art, croissant, bakery, pastry, breakfast, side view, color guide, simple background, food focus, bread, artist name, how to, multiple views, still life, values, painting tips, art tutorial, portrait painting, n/a, accents, edges, forms, realism, accuracy, lost edges, shapes, portraiture, painting techniques, art instruction, studio lighting (implied), portrait subject (male), artist (implied), closeup, necktie, monochrome, suit, formal, 2boys, smile, art, color mixing, color theory, social media, indoor, color palette, cohesive, art tip, painting tip, visual art, natural, daylight, woman, chat log, fake screenshot, 1girl, emoji, 1boy, pie, cherry, dessert, cake, cake slice, fruit, strawberry, character, concept art, fantasy, value grouping, digital painting tutorial, high contrast, dramatic, ethereal, multiple characters, dynamic, bird mask, weapon, holding weapon, sword, mask, holding, long hair, holding sword, japanese clothes, purple hair, mask on head, breasts, black bodysuit, wings, black hair, bodysuit, wide sleeves, thighhighs, sash, detached sleeves, electricity, obi, kimono, polearm, large breasts, musou isshin \(genshin impact\), bow \(weapon\), 3girls, gloves, kujou sara, cartoon characters, emotions, character design, emotion, mood, personality, illustrated characters, frontfacing, cat, heart, frog, closed eyes, heart-shaped eyes, blush, furry, open mouth, black cat, none, guide, palette, dominant, secondary, accent, composition, bright, characters, horns, colored skin, purple skin, pants, hug, black pants, pink skin, cape, male focus, standing, antennae, tail, credits, credits page, web address, watermark, size comparison, perspective, background, midground, foreground, landscape, outdoors, desert, sunset, big, medium, small, scale, depth, moonlight, stick figure, atmospheric perspective, riding, animal, monster, sketch, dragon, reptile, creature, studio lighting, animal focus, signature, from side, yellow eyes, closed mouth, profile, character name, scales, pokemon \(creature\), colored sclera, slit pupils, apple, digital painting, red, shiny, realistic, drawing, natural light, eye level, avocado toast, fried egg, avocado, toast, egg, yummy, soft lighting, slight bird'seye view, bread slice, egg \(food\), portrait, rough sketch, proportions, light and shadow, local colors, hard light, multiply layer, soft brush, textured brush, visual interest, top down, man, glasses, grey background, bald, looking at viewer, black-framed eyewear, river, mountain, value difference, digital painting tips, golden hour, warm light, rider, cowboy, horse, sun, sky, chart, colorenvironment:, people:, color wheel, color schemes, monochromatic, analogous, complementary, splitcomplementary, triad, tetradic, design, exterior, rock, analogous colors, color scheme, color harmony, top view, yellow background, outline, skin, diagram, text, graphics, shading, pale, olives, dark, pink, yellow, undertones, multiply, filter, hot pink, red/orange, twitter username, arrow \(symbol\), grass, ghibli, aerial view, tree, nature, abstract, simple, comparison, minimal, shape, triangle, bird's eye view, blending, blending tip, color transition, makeup techniques, muddylooking, transition color, soft light, close up, solo, head out of frame, close-up, general, figure drawing, human figure, pose, studio, charcoal, pencil, line work, greyscale, traditional media, small breasts, nude, topless, infographic, wheel, graphic design, banana, kiwi, painting retreat, texture, lineart, kiwi \(fruit\), border, orange, blue, hue, value, skintones, line art, form, light, reflective light, contact shadow, faceless, arm up, silent comic, scenery, cloud, day, forest, trees, study, education, shadows, contrast, range, ambient, reflection, stairs, leaf, visual development, woods, mist, fog, focal point, sunlight, rays of light, backlighting, slight aerial perspective, silhouette, rural, field, color study, value study, tonal study, road, among us, analogus, triadic, educational, flying sweatdrops, ?, spacesuit, helmet, crewmate (among us), angel, angel wings, feathered wings, metal, dog, plastic, sculpture, material, terminator line, sharpness, highlights, robot, drawing tutorial, coloring, watermelon, layer blending, screen, highlight and shadow, watermelon slice, 3d engine, mirror, hint, planes, edge light, wear and tear, add, overlay, color dodge, glow, character profile, image, outdoor, highlight, school uniform, cartoon, girl, child, front view, skirt, neck ribbon, ribbon, short sleeves, white shirt, black footwear, socks, full body, shoes, white socks, black eyes, collared shirt, dark skin, brown hair, straight-on, swept bangs, dark-skinned female, black ribbon, blue skirt, dot nose, arms at sides, artwork, spirited away, studio ghibli, gouache, natural lighting, architecture, statue, east asian architecture, building

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